what is this half a 4bar

So yesterday I was looking at robot reveals from in the zone and I stumbled across this video.

I was quite impressed with the lift design the robots had. So this gave me two questions. Is the lift just one side of a 4 bar linkage? And would this be a viable lift In this years game? I feel as though it might work well being that (I assume) it would take less room, but on the other hand I don’t know if it could support the weight of a flipping mechanism rather than just a piece of plastic that picks up cones.

Yep, thats a one-sided 4 bar linkage. The single motor powering it should be strong enough to support the weight of a simple flipping mechanism - after all, you could always increase the strength of the latex assist or use a gear ratio which provides more torque. However, do keep a look out on your weight distribution - uneven distribution may cause the lift or flipping mechanism to sway sideways which isn’t very good for driving and for your parts.

I wouldn’t suggest using a 4 bar for turning points because it can’t reach enough height to put a cap on the heighest pole

That’s some fake news. People have already designed and built 4-bars that can reach the top bar (Myself included)

FAKE NEWS! I didn’t realize Donald Trump is on the forum. Nice to meet you sir.

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