What is this robot?

What is the robot seen in this picture and about halfway down this page?


It looks very cool!

What do you mean? It is a robot with Omni wheels and an ultrasonic sensor…

Hahaha. Vexer, I think he wanted to know what it does exactly.


I’m pretty sure that based on the page that you linked to, the robot uses the ultrasonic sensor to probe its environment for obstacles. When it does see obstacles, the drive seems to be designed for extreme maneuverability in order to avoid the obstacles.

I’m sure some of the IFI guys have even more info about this bot.

I think it’s an autonomous person tracker. The light sensor detects shade aand goes toward that, and the ultrasonic sensor keeps a set distance from the person.

That could be it. It makes sense to have that kind of drive train for this because it would be very maneuverable.

Every time i see this bot all i can think about is what a pain it must be to write code for an ultrasonic on a servo.