What is this?

Can anyone guess what this contraption is?

sorry for the ridiculously large image

Some kind of folding thingie-ma-bobber?

Hi PaulR,

It looks kind of like a very stable of a six-bar with just added supports, although I don’t really see a need for all of those extra bars on the sides since it would only help the bar going up, not keeping it level.

Although it is a very nice contraption, it’s a Double Six-Bar used for a more linear support!

A 9 bar, duh

Doesn’t look like it would actually move…

My first guess is some sort of scissor expansion for a wall-bot

Double reverse 6 bar

And we have a winner!

Yay! Is this what you plan on using this year? If so how will you fix how unstable double reverse bars are?

Certainly hope you’re not planning on using it lol. A standard 6 bar can fit under the 12", reach the goals and hang.

lol paul all i can say is make it work and impress everyone :D, cant wait to see your robot at the dulaney competition if ur team is going.:stuck_out_tongue:

you might get a judges award for thinking outside the box and doing something unconventional.

My team currently isnt planning on using it, but has considered it for a couple things. I plan to use it for college competition, for the 15" robot. I might leave it as unstable as it is, since I know a way to work with the unstability, but most likely would just use more rigid parts and use two of them.

yeah, but a 6 bar doesnt produce linear motion and can take up a pretty large area inside the robot for the purposes im thinking of using it for. Currently, its about 12.5" by 13" and can reach up to about 5.5’ into the air. This could create an impressively tiny arm for hanging.

We are going to the Delaney competition, but we arent going to be using it there. I will probably bring it. Being a senior right now, I technically am a mentor, not a member, so I am also helping some other teams. One of them might be using it.

Why not just do a scissor lift? The did you find that this gave you a greater max height for the same or a smaller min height? That’s the only reason I could think of besides coolness factor.
*edit It’s definitely cool, just wondering if that was its only advantage

The problem isnt just minimizing the smallest height, it is also as small a length and width as possible. With a scissor lift, if you try to compact the length without decreasing max height, you start to use more metal, making the entire system heavier

It’s still beyond me why you need two six bars when we are sufficing with one. Even a double 4 bar. You only need about 29-30" of reach to hang and we are easily getting that with our six bar…

Who ever said it was just for hanging? And, like I said, I plan to use it more in college for the 15" robot.

Why would you need more than 30" of travel?!

Also, thinking about it I guess you could have issues with the 15" depth to reach 30" high but you should be able to use a double four bar instead of 6 shouldn’t you? It just seems crazy ridiculous lol :stuck_out_tongue:

well, I want to be able to reach about 50" from a 12" tall robot. And I recognize that it is crazy ridiculous. That is what attracted me to the idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you need to reach that high?

I want to see if anyone can figure it out first, I know that some others on the forums have discussed it