what is velocity units:pct in c++ ?

We just got our V5 and so I’m trying to learn c++ by looking at example programs. Everything makes sense other than the velocity units being pct.

Side question why is there vex: before the direction type

Program I am looking at :

Velocity units: http://help.vexcodingstudio.com/#cpp/namespacevex/velocityUnits


means the element in question is part of the



I strongly discourage trying to learn C++ by simply looking at example programs or even VEX’s tutorials (but those are more passable). You will likely end up with major gaps in your knowledge, and you will not understand a good amount of the code you write. Instead, take a look at one of the many good guides on C++ programming (in whatever medium you prefer: books, websites, videos, etc.). Learn C++ first and then work on robot programming with the help of the VCS API documentation.

I didn’t know how to find the API thanks.
What is the vex namespace?

Again, this is why I strongly recommend properly learning C++ before jumping into VCS.

Okay will do, thanks for showing me the API.