What is your favorite drive style?

For instance, do you prefer tank drive, arcade drive, or a combination of each. What are the benefits or disadvantages to this style?

For myself, I prefer arcade drive as I feel you can easily transition from a turn to going straight easily or visa versa. On the downside you don’t have as much freedom of movement compared to a tank drive.

I’ve always preferred a tank drive for some reason; not sure why. Arcade just seems far more clunky. But I suppose that’s why I’m not the driver :smiley:

Arcade, Holonomic (X- drive) running 3.25 on high speed or Arcade, Straight drive running 3.25 on turbo

I’m not our main driver, but as a programmer I prefer arcade drive to test things a bit easier. Plus, my driver prefers it, too. I believe it is a great universal drive style that is easy to adapt to while tank might be slightly confusing for starters.

I prefer arcade drive. No particular reason. My teams programmer hates my controls.

I have a great preference to tank. Its more intuitive and baced on the position of the robot not the driver.

Me too, as a driver I don’t drive in my own POV, I drive from my robots.

I prefer tank drive right now because it makes sense to me but If I were to become a driver, I would probably force myself to learn arcade because it makes more sense when trying to go a little to the right and forward. I’ve also heard that most console gamers like arcade drive because they’ve already practiced it a lot.

I prefer arcade controls because I feel that it allows for more precise control of your turning. In practice, I doubt that there’s an advantage to either method. Neither one should be more effective than the other if you get enough practice.

Arcade drive seems to work out a bit better for me, probably because it’s so simple to understand.

I have used arcade for the last four years, at first I liked tank better but once i started using arcade I haven’t gone back.

I think that this is a good opportunity for a poll.

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It depends on the game. Whatever is easiest to drive…even though that isn’t a very specific answer.

Yay I mixed up the polls by voting for tank drive :stuck_out_tongue:
I really do prefer tank drive and my driver does too. I guess it just seems a lot simpler to both of us as far as the mechanics of it go :slight_smile:

I’ve grown accustomed to using arcade control, and I am much better at driving with that; however, I have used tank control, and with practice I could definitely get to the same level as arcade. Last year 3946W used Forza controls where the bumpers moved the robot. It really doesn’t make a difference; it’s all down to what the driver likes.

I like driving with tank, the movements of it just makes more sense to me.