What is your favorite match of all time?


What is everyone’s favorite match of all time?

Feel free to list a few if you like! Preferably video links if you have them.

I am going to start it off with this one, a fantastic game to show off launchers:

I liked this from Toss Up, and this from Skyrise (especially the fight to put cubes on the post). Both videos are the best versus the best :smiley:

Jessie and Aftershock’s channel has some really good toss up battles in Indiana state. I actually made a thread about one of their matches… well, I was childish back then and easily moved by a robot…


There are some really epic matches in Skyrise… but this is my personal fav.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y53wFD1xZ-c – 11 secs into the video

At Skyrise worlds my team and I had the honor to compete against team 9898A and beat them in one of the qualifying matches. They are one of the most professional and prepared teams of all. I shook their hands and told them I was a big fan after the match.

Spoiler – in Skyrise, a robot tips over, spends majority of the time getting back on its chassis with the assist of alliance partner, coming back and winning the game, this is perhaps the only one.

There are definitely a lot more epic matches as I am a huge YouTube VEX watcher – subscribed like hundreds of team channels. These are just what I can think of right off of the top of my head.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y53wFD1xZ-c – 11 secs into the video)

Oh yeah, the match that basically locked the standard robot design of the Toss Up season… some serious VEX gold right there.

There was a match from VEX Worlds 2010 between Team 254A - The Cheesy Poofs and one of the many copies of their robots “The China Poofs”. The teams went back and forth, rapidly launching balls over the wall in what resembled a match being played through a mirror. I know video of this match existed at some point, but I can no longer find it.

Jesse asked me to look and I couldn’t for the life of me find it.

by far my favorite

one of their skyrise sections broke and they still won

Since skyrise was my first year on a vex team, I had not watched any previous robotics videos, and even to this day I have not watched many. The VexU final matches at worlds were probably my most favorite that I watched all season!

This was the best match all season for me Martin! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to drive your robot!

No problem. You guys now go and make some more epic matches. Remember to record and post it here some time in the future!

cough 2010 cough :wink:

Unless you do mean Gateway

2015 skyrise
2014 Toss up
2013 Sack Attack
2012 Gateway
2011 Round Up Only worlds I wasnt at :frowning:
2010 Cleansweep
2009 Elevation

I was thinking that my self I was like Gateway throwing balls over wall what unless you mean the poles.
But my favorite match had to be this. https://youtu.be/iwzWwviYDWw
Then this is my second. http://youtu.be/4OrOj3J3J5w
And third had to be Cleansweep when Karthik said just give them an award. I can trembler the team number and can’t find the video.

If anyone has several days free (Tabor?) they can search through every single match of 2010 Worlds. They’re all there. It might be easier if someone remembers what division and what stage of the tournament, or the number of the other team. https://www.youtube.com/user/VEXRECF2010

I’ve always enjoyed watching this match from Gateway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjY_ef2TXhM
The offensive power of Jack (at that point no longer concerned with SP) and the dancing skills of 5492 are quite a potent combo.

This is another good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi6O7WBmVAg

Actually I think I found it: https://youtu.be/jgFqrMikxx4?t=1m46s