What is your favorite memory from vex robotics

I want to know what your best/ favorite vex moment

Idk my best memory but I know my worst was doing States online


My best memory was walking through the entrance hall at worlds three years ago for the first time!


Even considering the lack of in person events, the entire Change Up season was pretty great. Going independent was awesome, since we had so much freedom throughout the course of the season. Going to out of state tournaments was great, and capping off our final season as a team with our first banner win at a showcase, specifically, is my favorite memory from VRC.


Easy - my favorite memory is the look on my students faces when they see the game reveal at Worlds. Been a while, hoping to be back with another generation of teams.


My favorite memory would have to be the point during last season, about a month before Worlds, where my robot finally worked correctly. At that moment, I knew that no matter what happened, I should be happy because I set out to do something, and through hundreds of hours of hard work and energy drink fueled coding all-nighters, I finally did it.


I guess this.

and then I joined the company…


my favorite memories are also the worst experiences in vex. I think I will go with how I got to worlds and then the schedule was changed I didn’t know that and got dragged out of history class by our co coach. apparently our coach didn’t get the email or something and we almost missed worlds.


“This team excels in many areas and is a shining example of dedication, devotion, hardwork, and teamwork. This team was a strong contender in all of the awards we had today.”
“With the No.1 skills, and No.2 in their ranks, we present the excellence award to team 97963A, the JC Patriots!”


Is this like an IQ thing??


in my skl, iq and edr share a room so if u get annoyed, get some edr beams and the rest is history…

What the heck are you guys doing in robotics? We have a strict ‘No Hospital Trips’ rule, which is really our only rule as far as restrictions go. We’re a bunch of middle and high schoolers who love, or have yet to learn to love, robotics, and the worst thing we do is almost fatally injure ourselves(mostly the freshmen) using the dremel. Don’t ask me why, it’s just something about that dremel.


IQ kids be like:



yeah this was me and my friend not to mention the entire robotics club

Honestly the Vex Iq controllers are actually really light, throwable and able to threaten someone. That’s how I beat up some V5 kids.

When we thought we weren’t going to worlds by winning no pre-determined awards at states and we were ready to leave but… we got the design award. Sparked us to continue to today. This was the ringmaster season btw


But they’re $50…


BUT THEY’RE $50!!!

And ours are $110. I really want to throw a iq remote about now…

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I think the road trips with all of your friends to comps were so much fun


Driving in a van for 5 hours was really fun(Going to US Open), but My favorite memory is State in general, but the elims, and my state always plays we will rock you, and the final countdown for the last matches.

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