What is your favorite robot that you've built?

I wanted to start this thread so that people can share about your favorite robot that you’ve built or designed. When to state your favorite robot that you and your team has made please explain why. In my opinion this is a good way to take a step back from the stressful preparation of the world championships and think about what you’ve how far you have gotten from your first design ever. (:

Before team 360 was formed I used to be on team 5408F during the Skyrise season and the robot we created has got to be my most enjoyed experience when building it. It was very well rounded and was an amazing competitor at the tournaments we attended. However that is not why it is my favorite, during the process of designing and building I was able to learn so many things that I have never known about (like using rubber bands to lift most of your lift system lol ). Also it was the most fun I had on a robotics team in awhile because although my team didn’t get along that well, we still managed to always have fun with whatever we were doing.

The robot’s name was Thor. It had 4 motor X drive, 5 motor lift, 1 motor turntable arm, pneumatic needle intake, pneumatic tri-claw thing for the pins.

I’m sorry but their is no way I can choose between the 3 robots I have helped build, the first was a catapult that was totally unique from anything I’ve heard of (toss up, 4 wheel drive with 2 scoopers anti parallel on the same axle picking up and throwing the small balls across the field to our teammate) . The second was the only robot I’ve helped build that would hold its own at worlds (reverse forebar with a conveyer from the top of the reverse forebar to the ground able to carry 5 cubes and score them well in skyrise, and my third robot is the only robot that I was the captain of building it and although it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to (single flywheel, nonfunctional puncher, overhead forward facing conveyer, velocity control, driverloading mode and fielding mode) , it was the first robot that I felt in the physic way… Still can’t choose between them…

Mine would have to be the first robot I built to use in a competition, ELEVATED 3.0. It had all the elements of this years game, I will post pictures later.

Mine would have to be our Jan-March robot, Usain Bot. Still the fastest vex robot I have seen 4.8-1 ratio on 3.25in wheels. Sadly we will reduce our speed for our last competition of the year in may because of the strain it put on the motors

Haha, that sounds crazy!! Also the name Usain Bot is hilarious.

The judges loved it too lol

my favourite was what we built for Skyrise, it was stationary and had 2 arms. One arm was dedicated to the Skyrise the other was for nearby cubes. I could build the whole Skyrise and (if I remember correctly) could put cubes on a full Skyrise. Unfortunately we never got it working well in time to qualify for state, and the autonomous didn’t work on a fields other than our own, it was really cool though.