What is your favorite vex memory?

Alright, so by now, you’ve probably guessed that I like to ask questions. I’ll start this one off with my favorite vex memory. Mine would definitely be my time at the Anaheim world championship for toss up. The game that year was great. The convention center was great. The weather was great. Everything was pretty great. So, what is your favorite vex memory?

Winning our first competition.

The first time that at a tournament where three of the four robots on the field in the championship match were my students.

One time, for a Halloween themed tournament one of the schools here had set up, I made a vex vortex cannon on a kiwi drive and they just happened to have a smoke machine there. Was pretty cool driving around shooting smoke rings at unsuspecting spectators.

It was our C team that you beat at state, the G team lost on the other side of the bracket after an unfortunate not-plugging-in-of-expander-battery by our partner.

Too bad you can’t make it to worlds despite qualifying, but i enjoyed watching your robot at our mutual competitions (this all assuming that you’re plank’s variable).

Beating the team in the finals who said they would pick us but didn’t after a 4 match semifinals round and a 4 match finals.

I would have to say anything between 0x00000000 and 0x1FFFFFFF


My favorite memory was watching my older brother and older sister’s team win the excellence award at worlds! I can still hear the screaming… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, why am I surprised someone posted this? It is really funny though. If someone doesn’t get it, follow the link and search for 0x1FFFFFF.

My favorite vex memory is sack attack worlds. Worlds is always a lot of fun, getting to see old friends and make new ones. Sack attack in particular was my favorite because I didn’t compete. I was able to just give a helping hand to different teams and coach a few dozen matches and all in all just enjoy the experience. Definitely one of the most fun experiences in my life.

I remember one guy who after talking with him while I was in a new Zealand booth started commenting on how it was fun talking to people with an NZ accent. @jacko is my brother obviously. (in all honesty me and Steve look more like brothers than him and his actual brother)

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Thanks. I love the XKCD comic you posted too! As usual with XKCD, you have to look at the alt tags…

For those that don’t want to hop over there…

My team’s favorite memory was when we were at states and seeded last (because of program issues), but overcame that fixed all our problems and ended up getting picked by first seed and won the tournament.

My favorite memory is from my first year in vex when I made it to World, though we ended up 26th (maybe 27th) in the Engineering Division. We wear our 2015 World medal to every competition for good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite vex memory is winning our division at Worlds last year by two points.

Hard to pick one out from the excellent 4 years I’ve spent competing, although one of my favorites must be beating the team that dubbed themselves the ‘cure’ to our virus who despite us not provoking them had been bragging online to us about impending defeat all season.

P.S. We have amended this post as people seem to have been taking it out of the context in which it was intended - we pride ourselves on upholding the spirit of vex and promoting female engineering, we were outraged by the abuse we received and so the victory was satisfying, hopefully it is now more understandable

Im sorry you were unhappy with the wording of the post, I have ammemded it. My intention was not to offend I was just trying to illustrate the impact of a rivalry on competition satisfaction, although in this case we recieved some pretty nasty comments and insults which may have effected our judgment. …

Ok I would like to clear up a few things about the above post. In the UK many teams are very friendly with one another and there is even a countrywide facebook chat for most of the teams. However the team that @LukeM4915 is talking about has been rather rude all year round. There have been many rather rude and frankly upsetting comments made about teams such as myself and Virus Robotics (LukeM4915). I will not go into the specifics as this thread is about memories, but I must say LukeM4915 is well founded in his opinion. The comments made were bad enough that it is completely feasible to me that this is his favourite VEX memory.

Anyway as for my own memory. My favourite memory is probably from earlier this season at a regional hosted by StoweBots. We had an absolutely amazing 4 match final. I was on the losing end but it was so close I still loved it. It was very tense.

Firstly I would like to agree with @Error404:Robot Not Found in that the UK teams are very friendly and supportive to one another. In our Facebook chat we had several 4664C members in it throughout the majority of the season and the comments they made towards @VirusRobotics and @Error404:Robot Not Found were relatively disparaging and snide therefore I can see exactly why @LukeM4915 posted these comments…

On the other hand this season I would like to say the best memory was from the regional at Stowe like @Error404:Robot Not Found said… We had both our teams in the final on either alliance and it arguably has to be the most intense final there has been in the UK. Our team also got the Excellence Award and qualified to the world’s there too so overall it was a great day :smiley:

Let’s keep the drama in this thread to a minimum guys. Haha.

Alright everyone, things seem to be getting a bit heated based on some recent posts in this thread. I know it’s not my job to police this thread, and I don’t want to play the blame game, so I’d just like to remind everyone of the purpose of this thread. Please recall that this is really just about our favorite vex related memories and our own nostalgia. Thanks everyone. Carry on.