What is your favourite programming language and why?

Im interested to see what you guys think, whats your favourite programming language (doesn’t have to be related to vex) and why is it your favourite language?

Personally, i’m partial to a few different languages, but a favourite would have to be C. Maybe its just because its my first ‘programming’ language or maybe its because its the programming language I use the most. But I find C intuitive and easy to work with.


My first programming was NXT 2.0 with the graphical interface (I think it was C-ish). I found it really hard to see what I made because everything was hidden inside the blocks. Sometimes the software prevented me from drawing a line from point A to B, while other times the LEGO Technik bar thing would draw a random loop-de-loop here and there. Good times :slight_smile:

I had a Wario game that I could make games with. I felt limited by only having 7 (or so) AI actions per drawing. Still, I loved it.

Then, in 8th grade, I joined the robotics group at my school (it had started with one team during my 7th grade year, Sack Attack). We had EasyC and RobotC available. I opened up EasyC and was confused, so I decided on RobotC. The teacher showed us a few videos about RobotC. I learned from the sample programs, the forums, and just playing around, and here I am today.

So, back on topic :smiley: I like C the best because that is (basically) the only language I have been exposed to. It’s has this easy-to-learn kind of feel to it and you can do almost anything with it.

C is for cookies, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Python. Definitely Python.

I learned programming through my TI-82 graphing calculator (yes, I am still in high school, no, I am not 33). After that, I learned Python through MIT’s OpenCourseWare. I loved it because I was simple, similar to TI-BASIC, and yet was high-level, and something I could actually use in a real-life job. It also led me into object-oriented programming, something I had worked around in TI-BASIC with insanely long lists and matrices (I had a notebook to keep track of which list variable went to which program/game), but Python didn’t force OOP on me, like Java did.

TL;DR: Real programmers use python.

Assembly - I’m a control freak.

Is it biased if I say ROBOTC? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We usually don’t get to choose what programming language we use in the real world… it’s whatever the machine/equipment requires. I had to take Fortran 77 in college (they required all engineers to take Fortran, all others to take Pascal, so I didn’t get a choice), learned “dBase III” code on my first job, and since then have probably done more programming using RLL than anything else. RLL is still the primary code for industrial automation today.

I’m pretty fluent in a number of languages. C and Lua are my primary two programming languages at this point.

But I love Awk. If it’s a run once or twice program then Awk is my go to language. Any kind of flat file processing I need to do gets done in Awk. If at some point the program needs to go into production, then it gets written in Awk and translated to C. Awk one liners from the command line is my favorite thing to quickly solve a problem and move on.

I also love TCL, but most of the scripting that’s imbedded in other systems has shifted to Lua (or something more C like).

Trying to love Python, but the need to have structured white space bothers me.