What is your ideal partner?

So there’s been a few topics now discussing what the best bot to be is, but I haven’t seen one discussing what bots make good partners for others.

So here’s a poll, What kind of robot would be your ideal partner? this helps show not what the most popular robot is, but what robot is most in demand.

assume that the simple tray can do faster and higher stacks than the complex tray or dr4b tray.

  • Simple tray
  • Complex tray
  • Lift with claw/tube
  • Dr4b tray
  • Wallbot
  • Pushbot
  • Other

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Please explain your choices too, I’d like to hear discussion about what types of robots complement each other well.

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I cannot control the towers as well as a tube or dr4b tray can, so…

Edit: wallbot too. I think that works with everything but a wallbot

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It’s easier withe the tube on for me and I like diffrince to

I think in its most primitive form, an ideal alliance should be made of one robot who can do stacks an one that can do towers (excluding defense). Obviously, lots of designs encompass both of these but generally they a steered toward one. I’ll categorize for the sake of this post.


Simple Tray
Complex Tray
dr4b Tray


Lift with claw/tube
dr4b Tray



With stacking, we can say now that simple trays won’t be meta. While there is an extra motor compared to the complex tray, strafing is useless because the intake design eliminates the need for it and with proper geometry, 2 motors are not needed on a tilter of any sort. Complex tray are superior period.

For towers, the tube and claw are pretty much on par. Only thing I have to say is that when driving with a claw, it is faster to stack than with a tube, which makes it a more well rounded design IMO.

You may have noticed that I didn’t include anything about the dr4b tray. In theory, it is the best design. It has the best intake, the best lift (which is linear), and has incredibly strong stacking capability. It takes the best parts of each of each of the categories and puts it into one robot. The one problem? Motor limit. I, personally, am not willing to take one or two motors off my chassis for this just because later on, I can definitely see defensive strategies developing greatly, such that I believe that 4 motors on a chassis is an absolute necessity. This makes the entire design not worth it to me.

Finally, with defense, wallbots are better than pushbots. However, this is assuming that all wallbots are at the same level as NorCal. I think that eventually, passive anti-wall mechanisms will be created which makes walls kinda meh. But if the robot has 2 extra robots, like NorCal, it’s a perfect defense. On the other hand, if your driver is good enough, an 8 motor v5 chassis can absolutely control a field. Emphasis on with good driving.

K well thx to the two people who actually read through this. I should be doing hw but here I am XD


Simple trays could go for a 6 motor drive if they use a differential for the tilter. That way, they’ll be good on defense or scoring large stacks if needed.


Oooooh, never thought abt that. I can see that working out really well for newer teams (building a one motor lift is tough).


we’re doing a dr4b that has mecanum, and we will use vision sensor to intake with our claw quickly. it is not as fast but it is better overall. it also sports a wall which is designed to block out the unprotected zone and the alliance tower. we can do towers quite well, and we will have a hoarding arm. our strategy is that we will use our hoarding arm and shove all of the cubes onto our side, and then we can have a traybot quickly stack it up. having the cubes on our side means the commute times are lesser, and the enemy robots will be encoutering more defense from our side. Our mecanum drive makes it so we can aim and intake cubes easily, and we can reposition ourselves better. it’s coded like an x drive, so if a team has omniwheels, we can shove them while parrallllllelll to them. in summary, we tower and play defense, they stack fastt


Our design uses differential’s to power the tray and the arm on a complex traybot and we use 2 motors to intake.


I would say that a towers focused robot would compliment our robot in matches, but we have not gotten to test out our robot (not completed).

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When I saw the name to this thread I was incredibly confused.

@Zeta That would be quite an odd question to ask in a robotics forum…we are probably not the best sounding board for anything of that sort.

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I think that I would work best with either type of tray, but probably a simple tray because I can score and descore towers very well, but would do much worse at stacking in corners as my max capacity is 3 cubes.

Simple trays can also go three motor intake

yeah for real. anyway, my teams ideal partner is a dr4b w/ tray. I just think it would work well. We are currently a traybot.

I’d go with a 2 motor tilter and then add more stages to the tray.

My ideal partner is someone who works and and gets me oh and can fix dive the robot


We’re already a dr4b tray so that’s out of the question. We can control towers just as well as any tower robot but our highest stack is only 7 so far so I think we would do great with a good 9-12 stacking complex or simple tray

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In my opinion, a DR4B and a tray would be ideal, as a DR4B can stack on top of the tray’s stacks, get the high towers and they both will have different autonomous starting positions

doesn’t seem very related to the thread.


How would you even release the cubes?