What is your "If it fits it Ships" Moment

Ours was the robot just barely didn’t fit into 18 by 18 but one push on it just slotted that boy in and we were ready to go.

Why be in size when u can be special and be out of size. Gotta think outside the 18x18x18 box, u feel?

Way back when I was competing (Gateway), I was at the U.S. Open (used to be called Nationals back then) and the inspectors were using polycarbonate boxes for sizing. Basically, the box fit over the entire robot to check all sides at once.

Anyways, the inspector put the sizing box on our robot, and it was tight. The robot scraped on a few sides. The inspector basically said that it wasn’t too bad, but if it’s like this at worlds, they wouldn’t pass us.

So he goes to take the sizing box off, and the robot lifts up with the box. The robot is stuck in the sizing box! A teammate and I both had to pull the robot out of the box while the inspector pulled on the sizing box. Somehow, he still passed us, but with a definite dubious look!

Your name checks out…

Last year at States I, the head builder, was told to stay away from inspections. However, I saw the team taking a long time at the table. A full 5 mins later they came back to the table.
Me-“What happened?”
Coach-“We had to bend some metal…”

We seem to always have to take off rubber bands and/or shove arms in positions they’ll never go in and/or dremel off axles and then replace them to fit in size limits.