What Is Your "Kryptonite" In Robotics?

What is the most difficult part of robotics for you? Is there something you can almost never get right? Have you improved upon it?

For me, I can never properly design intakes if they are not hard mounted. If my intakes have to flip out, they will not be good. However, after literally 7 months of development (with multiple iterations, of course), I can proudly say that we now have decent intakes on the latest version of our robot.


I’d have to agree with you on the intakes weakness. This season my intakes did work first try, but I never really iterated since I didn’t compete.

But I spent all last season trying to get intakes to work the way I wanted. I got pretty close at one point, but then I tried to improve them more and they got way worse. I never did have good intakes, even right before states was cancelled.

Also programming is something my team is just very weak at in general, although I’ve been learning how to do more advanced motion control with pid and odom instead of just spinFor commands.


The vex iq motor limit. I can’t have a 4 motor drive!


For me it’s routing cables - no matter how hard I try to leave adequate room for cables when designing a robot, I always end up needing to squeeze a cable into a really tight area, or bend it around a tiny radius, or else wrap up a bunch of extra cable because the next-shortest length is ever so slightly too short for the run I need.

At this point, if I’m building a robot with someone else, when the time comes to run cables I take my hands off and let them do it :smiley: .


I cant make good, clean looking robots. @Arrash and Eric both make super clean nice looking robots. My robots always come out as functional but ugly messes. The one good looking thing I have designed myself took a few weeks and get to a point where I was happy with it and it was just an x drive with lexan gussets.


You should see the cable management on our robot. (It’s no the best in the world, but it’s still pretty good) I’ll see if I can get a picture of it

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my team used zip tie cable comb sort of things to keep our wires more organized.

it worked well until we added more sensors and had to start splicing things together lol.


I’m in vex iq, so I can’t use zip ties on the robot, but vex makes these cable management pieces that we use.

I don’t think that is actually what they are called though

This is exactly my problem - I always start running cables with a plan to keep everything neat and organized, but by the time I’m done that plan has almost always fallen apart.


Doing proper wire management with hundreds of zipties, then having an intake port break a few hours into practice.


Mine is my height. I’ve always been short, and being short in robotics, especially in FRC, can be a challenge. I can never reach the bins on the top shelf or write at the top of a whiteboard. In FRC, we had a driver station with a lid that pivoted along hinges along the back of it. We actually had to make the lid removable because I couldn’t see over the top.


probably mentor bots


Something of a mix of robotics and quantum observation physics. Every time i’m practicing alone with skills i do great. But the moment I record it, do it at a comp, or in front of other people, it’s a trainwreck.


Same with me. One time I was working on the auton and got it to work well, then as soon as I showed my coach, it just didn’t work

if Mason88847B does great in skills but nobody is around to see it, does it make a sound?


My greatest weakness is. . . . Entropy. . . .

People thinking I’m too young to understand robotics. It’s annoying.

They're like:

Them: This is a robot
Me: I already know that

Them Again

Them: This is a gear.
Me: I already know that.
It repeats. : (
Also by them" I mean the older kids in VEX.
Me: I am very mind blown by your complicatedness.

Them: This is a wheel.
Me: * sends this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ *

Go Rickroll yourself or else. * me to them *
Them: This is a Rickroll


Night at the Museum Elims…

  1. Awful build quality

  2. Motor limit

  3. Intakes


Have never related to something more in my life bruv

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