What is your most stressful VEX situation?

What’s the most stressful thing that has happened to you during or before a VRC?

Ill start it off:

I was given the responsibility to CAD our robot for our design book. I put it off all season because I’m really lazy. Anyways, before provincials I was reminded that I had to do it and that if I didn’t, “bad things” would happen.

Long story short, I CAD’ed the robot all in one night. I stayed up until the next day with no sleep. The CAD was decent too, but I was dead all competition.

The night before our very first competition, our high hanging elevator lift stopped working. At the time, we had no experience, so we decided to change it to an arm with side rollers. Our builder built it until 4:00 in the morning. We ended up with a robot without a working arm and just a 3 ball intake. We still made it to the finals with basically luck :slight_smile: This is why Vex is so great; all teams have a chance to advance.

Making it past alliance selection at worlds. This would be equivalent to beating your division today.

I can’t explain it, the stakes go insanely up in minutes and so does your stress level. We had a team member nearly shut down on us.

Well when I was at state’s we had no clue when the matches were being announced, so I had to send people over to the fields to see what match they were on…

The Semifinals at State (Finalists and Champions go to Worlds Here). It was probably the most stressful 2 matches of my life lol. We pulled it out though.

Last year at State, we were seated in the 8th alliance, so went against the first place team. Naturally, they beat us the first round, but got DQed on the second. Going into the third round, we were 1-1. Our knees were shaking, we were sweating. After an intense round, we managed to beat first place!

Most stressful, but most rewarding and exciting VEX match ever.

I have three: 1: Last year was my team’s first year ever doing vex and we ended up being a picking team at Worlds. 2: This year our cortex completely failed the night before states, and the one we replaced it with was broken, so we had to find a brand new one, recompile, and rewire it all. 3: This year at nationals, we had an axle snap 5 minutes before a match. We were barely able to replace it in time, but we ended up losing that match anyway because of a different issue.

I have one main thing. At worlds last year our autonomous relied on quad encoders which had been extremely reliable to that point. But one match our autonomous failed and drove into the rail. It turned out that our encoder had decided to grind the optical disk to shreds and give us 1/3 of the normal counts. So we had to rip into the heart of the bot and replace the encoder in our hotel. We ended up testing our autonomous in the hallway to figure out if it was working… So if you got awakened at about 1:00 at night on like the 2nd day by a robot driving out side of your door… You’re welcome.:rolleyes:

  1. First EVER tournament. Let’s just say I knew almost none of the basics. This was during toss up, and my amazing flipper arm’s axle always got caught on THE BUMP. I didn’t know what zip-ties were, so my wires were all over the place. It appeared that the tightest screws on the robot were those that held the team ID plate. Stayed up until 11:30 PM trying to make the robot LEGAL. That was pretty stressful. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to compete that day.

  2. A tournament this year. Started out great, 4-1 I think, then tipped over, causing significant lift damage. Since there were only 16 robots… We were called about every 4 matches… Not good. Never really fixed the issues that day.

  3. 2015 NorCal States MS Semifinals. Very stressful. I thought my states run was over after we lost the first 50-45. Auton bonus :frowning: Then we rallied back and won two 50-44 and 52-48, despite losing auton bonus in all three, and went on to win the tournament! The last match, the 52-48, was tied for my closest of the day.