What is your opinion on slap shot hero bot?

My team just started the seson and our coach is making us buid the hero bot what is yall’s opinion on it. what is good what is bad and does it have a fly wheel i cant tell.

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Its bad.


what about it is bad the in take the point scoring thingy

I mean, it is a good start to build off on. If you are a new team and can understand how all the mechanisms work, and have a decent understanding of the game, then it can serve your team well as a building point


Assuming your team is brand new to vex robotics, building a couple of the pre-designed trainers is a good way to learn how the Vex building system works. The game-specific trainers are deliberately designed to be mediocre at gameplay. Their purpose is to give a novice team an idea or something to start with, which can score at least a few points in competition, before you go through the engineering design process and build a high quality competition robot


this is my 2 year in robotics

In our organization, established teams don’t usually build the predesigned trainers unless a team is on a really tight timeline, for example, our early season event the first weekend of August, and it’s easy for a team to assemble the trainer to have something to compete with.

Another possibility, if your coach is requiring all the teams in your organization to build the trainer, would be to do some scrimmages to learn the rules really well and get a better idea of what strategies will work, and what doesn’t, when you begin your design process to build your own robot.


hero bot goes hard tbh

imo its bad. all the hero bots are its a lot better to build your own robot or take inspiration from the internet.

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thank you all for your imput if you have more pls tell me more