What is your proudest moment?

My first (and only) time at VEX Worlds was in the Next Level season, and we ranked third in our division. It was nice to know that we’d lost to none other than the best as our division went on to win worlds. My goal that season was to get to worlds, and ranking third really made my season. Also, we didn’t have exactly the “classic” meta bot, so I was happy that we’d done it with a different design then most teams.


I am proud of my team getting us DQed or the first time.

When another MS team had an actual robot, a way better match record, won the championship match, had a way better skills score, probably had a much better notebook

and we still won state MS excellence.



They could have won to many things at state so they change winners due to how many wins they got like us we won States and Skills but they changed the skills winner sooooo.

I had to take apart, fix, and put back together my catapult for TP so many times that I got really fast. My fastest run was 12 minutes for everything.

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Last year was the first year anybody in our division qualified for Worlds. It was my team for High School and a Junior High team. It was a great feeling to know our hard work on improving driving for Skills got us somewhere!

Getting 102 solo in teamwork for the first time

I’m the builder for my team. Although I can code, I’m not very good when it comes to coding for Vex. My brother usually handles that part. Mad respect to you for being able to do both very well.

Holy cow! My team has always struggled with getting the Excellence Award later in the year because our notebook isn’t the best. We also qualified for Worlds, our first year, last year. Unfortunately, as we all know, Worlds got cancelled. I’m still super bummed about it since that would be the first year I’d ever been to any International tournament.

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Dang. That is insane. I wish I could build such a good robot in such little time.

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Oof that must suck. I hope it was at least a good match considering how close your score was to your opponent.

Scissor lifts are kind of a joke so your team making it to states with one is extremely impressive.

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I have a large amount of sympathy for your team. My team is a family team so we don’t experience too many of the misfortunes of Covid. It sucks that many school Vex programs have halted because of the pandemic, especially considering some of the best teams in the world come from some of these programs.

They took away your skills win because you guys won another category? Really?

Anyway, at our tournaments, especially state, it’s not uncommon for a team to win Tourny champs, excellence, and skills.

I had a similar thing happen during my Ringmaster season. It was an event where they did both Driver Skills and Programming Skills awards separately, and we won both of them. But they just gave us the Driver Skills trophy and put the Programming Skills trophy away. I saw it on the trophy table, and they just sort of ignored it. It could’ve been that someone forgot to give it out, but I find that hard to believe, especially when the table with the trophies was right next to the guy giving the awards out.

I did have an FRC event where they just flat-out forgot the awards ceremony, and right before we left we had to ask the people in charge if we could take our trophy. They gave it to us and apologized for forgetting, but it was pretty funny.


They don’t actually do that. He is most likely either confused or doesn’t know what he is talking about. We have gotten skills, excellence, and champs a couple times, and they still gave us all three awards


Remember you guys at math division. You are doing great helping those new teams this year.

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He may mean that if you double qualify, your spot gets given to the next team on the list, but unsure.

When your coach come in, asks if u r auton works, and it scores 102 first try