What is your robot recipe?

just as a thread out of thought, what is your robot recipe?

  • traybot
  • DR4B claw
  • DR4B traybot
  • pushbot

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This is just a curiosity topic

DR4B tray will do good this season i hope.

considering this games win condition is an auton win and 11 of each color, a four stage complex traybot with a cube lock is the best and most efficient design to choose.

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Yeah but DR4B can also do that too

that was a lot of fancy words. I like it. DR4B tray is an awesome idea if it works and is built correctly. We have a traybot that does towers really easy and gets a consistent 9 stack

You forgot to add wall-bot as an option…

I cant add wallbot anymore. sry.

is it because you have a wallbot?

Not entirely but yes, a combination wall-bot.

What about a 4 bar tray?

Tray push bot, because at the end of the day all robots are modified push bots…


true that brother!!

  • DR4B Tray
  • Tray Bot
  • Wall Bot
  • Push Bot
  • 6 Bar Bot
  • 4 Bar Tray
  • 6 Bar Tray
  • 8 Bar Tray
  • DR4B Tower
  • Multi Bot
  • Other

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the issue is not what a four bar can or cannot do, it’s an issue of efficiency. If the win condition of tower takeover is 11 cubes of each color and auton, then it makes sense to focus on cubes first, towers second. While the ideal robot for any game should be able to score in any way, there is almost always a sacrifice in one area or another.

DR4B tray:


  • really good tower capabilities
  • stack on top of stacks means the tray can be shorter but still meet the win condition


  • requires motor sacrifices in certain areas (i.e. 1m intake, 3m drive, 1m lift) to work well
  • easier to tip
  • way harder and/or more complex to build

Complex Tray Bot:


  • Really good stacking design
  • harder to tip (with good build). this allows for a larger tray, and thus an 11 stack in one drop, rather than one or two
  • comparatively easy to build


  • arms require clever engineering to reach all towers
  • tower game isn’t as good

With this analysis we see that while they can both do the same stuff, the complex tray bot fulfills the win condition faster. The DR4B tray is a good design, it just isn’t the best design. In high level play, the complex tray bot is simply faster and better at wining.


Most dr4b trays dont bother stacking on stacks as its very risky and time consuming. A dr4b tray bot can do exactly what a regular traybot can do but with the addition of tower swapping and tower speed with the cost of some drive speed. Having built both types of robots, I can clearly see the benefits and cons of both. I feel like most people generally exxaggerate the motor distribution issue with the dr4b design, as they are assuming a 3m drive is too slow or a 1 motor arm is too weak. Drive speed doesnt matter too much since its all about the intake speed in relation to the drive. Both designs are good but I simply dont understand why Dr4b trays are inferior to regular traybots. Dr4b trays have the potential to be the best design, its just people simply dont know how to build it correctly.

Edit: The tipping issue doesnt apply to the dr4b trays unless the arm is raised and not cautiously driven, obviously. These bots do not tip sideways as much as skinnier , smaller drive traybots but require rear anti tips like any other design


Yes but dr4b can also stack on top of other stacks. it is risky but if a dr4b has a 3 tray and a traybot team up, then the tray bot can stack while the dr4b can get towers much easier. They are both good designs. 2 motor chain drive can do well room and a2 motor lift.

Some dr4b trays can simply stack 10+cubes in one go with their tray capacity, making the stacking on stacks less important but still viable . Two dr4b trays with multi-stage trays can do some damage if allianced.

I mostly agree with you. I think that the DR4B tray is easily the best “off Meta” Design. However, the win condition of this game is:

  • 11 cubes of each color
  • auton win

this gives you control of the majority of available points on the field, thus rendering any attempted towering useless. The DR4B tray is a good design, but it focuses in the wrong areas.

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What is a multi bot :face_with_monocle:

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robot that breaks off to two parts connected by a thing. Look it up. they are weird