What Judging Questions Have You Been Asked Over and Over Again???

For me, it’s:
Tell me about your robot.
What was the hardest part of your robot?
What does it do in autonomous?
What are your roles on the team? (There are only a few of us.)
How has your design evolved over the season?

What about the rest of y’all?

I feel like all the judges are given a list of questions since these are basically what we are always asked. Another question we are often asked is “how well do you guys work as a team?” & “how do you, as a team, come up with a solution to a problem?”

we get asked, “what are some setbacks you faced in your robot”, and “how do you come up with your design as a team?”

Yes they have to! Every single time they ask the same thing.

I’ve been a judge at many events, including Worlds, and they never gave me a list of questions to ask! But the first one is a no-brainer, and I’ll ask it every time “Tell me about your robot.” If your team is well prepared, this gives you the opportunity to tell me anything and everything you want, and convince me that your robot/team should get a particular award. If you have studied the award rubrics/criteria, you will know what I’m looking for in the interview. If I have to ask a lot of questions to get your team to talk, then you’re not doing well in the interview.

Actually, you were expected to read the judges guide - which has section for interviews:

Indeed, there are sample questions in the judges guide, and I have been a judge at worlds multiple times; however, the point raised by TPR100 was that “judges are given a list of questions to ask” as if the interview is scripted. My point was that the interview is not scripted.

Absolutely, all judges have different approaches and approach teams differently depending on the team. It a lot of fun meeting all these talented kids. As for scripts, I’ve found most judges start off with one of the sample questions as ice breakers - frankly, why would you not ask those questions to get the interview started :slight_smile:

I’ve had judges who did not even get to start the interview as a team member told them to go away. More time for other teams who are engaged.

We were only sled this at one competition but a sister team was asked so I see you have a big battery (7.2v) and a small battery (9v) could you tell me what each one does

My favorite question: If you had one more week, what would you improve on your robot?

Every year one of our teams is always asked. “What is your game analyasis statagy for anaylazing match situations.” And evey year we have yet to discover a viable answer

I don’t like this one. I usually just say “practice and tune more.” Though, if I knew I had one more week, I could actually do something more substantial.

I’d say the two questions that I get asked the most often are “Which aspect of your robot are you most proud of?” and “What do you plan on doing during the driver control period/ what’s your scoring plan in a match?”