What justifies more spots for worlds?

So currently Virginia has 1/6 teams in the top 35, top 50, and top 100 in skills (around this 1/6 ratio) but only has 13 spots to qualify for worlds. Does this count as significant growth? If not what is significant growth and what amount would justify adding more worlds qualifications spots? Would this growth in skills scores affect our spots for next year because it’s after the January 1st deadline for significant growth?

Number of teams growth proportional to global number of teams. That has been my understanding in the past years. Performance metrics from skills is not factored into the equation.

The number of spots for the region is solely dependent on the number of teams in the region and the growth rate (in terms of number of teams).

Qualifications via global skills ranking is purely by merit - as Long as your skills score is TOP 35 (for HS) in the world, you will be invited to go to worlds, i.e.,as Long as you have shown that you are good enough, then you deserve to go.