what kind of mp3 player do you have

just wondering what kind of mp3 player you have

i have a 5th gen white 30 gig ipod video

I have the same thing:cool:

I hope my parents get me an iPod nano for Christmas.

so many types of ipods, who really cares how small they are though? personally id prefer them a bit bigger, fit in your pocket but no less

I would love to have an iphone, but they’re kinda pricey.

I got 2 CD-A players at Wallgreens that play MP3’s on ISO 9660 formatted CD-R. They were $13.00 USD each…

Want an iPhone…

I do not have a MP3 player. I really do not think that I need one, or would use one, but if I were to get one what would you recommend?

unless you want video dont let ipod sucker you in, a normal $50-100 dollar 1GB mps player is ok, mine is just 512MB and im fine it costed like $80