What kind of snails are you guys building and what progress are you at?

Just want to see where everyone is in terms of building.

  • X-drive, Ejector, Finished
  • X-drive, No ejector, Finished
  • Tank, Ejector, Finished
  • Tank, No ejector, Finished
  • X-drive, Ejector, Not Finished
  • X-drive, No ejector, Not Finished
  • Tank, Ejector, Not Finished
  • Tank, No ejector, Not Finished

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where is kiwi drive :angry:


What’s an elector? Technically all the snail bots have some sort of elector.

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where is the clawbot option? :angry:


I suppose he’s talking about poopers in this context

where is swerve drive wall bot at?

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where is the arcade drive?

Arcade drive refers to the style of control (i.e. one joystick controls linear and turning movements on the robot). The options above describe the configuration of the wheels themselves, not necessarily the control scheme. Though it can be confusing because dual joystick drive control is referred to as “tank drive” while there is also a tank drive wheel configuration.


i get it

Something that spits the ball out of a place other than the top to ease de-scoring and cycling.

Where is the mecanum?

ejector? still thinking of politics i see

Is anything ever “finished”


Let’s say “competition ready”

you mean it has 3 subsystems

of which none of them work


More or less just ready to compete. Like, I’m done because I can solidly compete now (that was an an example). But yeah I guess the subsystems would be a good descriptor.