What Lifts To Use

what would be the very best type of lift to use this year?
as far as I see it there are 3 main options,
a. a classic DR4B
b. a chain bar lift
c. a four bar, and instead of mounting another four bar on that four bar (thus creating a dr4b) you put a chain bar on the four bar, so you can both achieve high linear motion, as well as quick mobile goal scoring, like a chain bar.

5 bar, no questions asked

I second that. It’s just too op because of the structural integrity of it.

definetely. some teams are putting a chain bar on top of thier DR4B, but I think thats unnecesary. I’m gonna call the lift a… a… 4BCB (4 bar chain bar). I think the 4CBC is really going to dominate, just because of the speed.

Our team was (or might still, who knows?) going to do the R4B-CB as you just mentioned, but then it occurred to us that if we were to mount a chain bar to the top (which you should, don’t put the whole lift on a swivel point), it would be very unstable due to the play in the VEX chains, gears, and whatever the thin black piece with the square in the center that you put on axles to mount c-channels and stuff.

I disagree, the 5 bar has consistently been the best lift.

Why are people questioning what is obviously the dominant design? Please people

Yeah, it’s odd. Like the number of bars in your lift. Greatness is often mocked early on.

man, wait till you guys see my DR12B…

Imagine all the people looking up 5 bar lifts now…

Thoughts for another round: Next time, maybe get some web pages out into the wild with all the details first. Get a wikipedia entry pointing to the pages. Maybe add a page to the VEXMen archives expounding the virtues, and a rebuttal from Cheesy Poofs or Karthik himself…

I want you to know that putting a chainbar on a four bar is not a new idea and by no means is it fast. Chainbars have generally fallen out of the race this year. The five bar is the MOST OP.

Chain Bar’s are pretty much done. They served their purpose as being the early season design. However, There’s a bit of leeway due to September - November generally being a transitional period from one dominant design to another. So have fun with your chain bar’s while their still relevant. I’m sticking with my 5-bar. The cycle time of my 5-bar is waaaaay better than the cycle I got with a chain bar.

I’m so confused, what is a 5 bar lift?

Clearly the best lift ever invented! With double the height expansion of the dr4b and the same speed, it even yields almost 3 times the stability, it is sure to never let you down. Look for new reveals, you will find a lot of them.

I only posted the reveal of our elevator so people tried to copy that over the superior 5 bar design.

It’s true, the 5 bar is superior. Just remember, it’s not necessary to have all that metal to lift 1 cone.

I’ve been trying to figure out for an hour what in the world a 5 bar lift is.
Japanese google has very weird sorting algorithms when typing in English, so could someone link me an article or video please? This is stressing me out way more than it should I’m tired of google giving me 5 step crossbar exercises.

Would someone oh so kindly post a picture of this superior lift? I cannot find proof of its existence anywhere, so clearly this is some REALLY classified stuff. (Btw 5 bar lifts don’t exist)