What made you join/form your VEX robotics team?

So I’m a new member to VEX robotics this year, and this program has really changed my life (in a good way.) I always think of what our team, which is a 1 year old team, as well as the only VEX robotics team in our state. I know most of our original members joined with no knowledge about robotics, they just wanted to have fun. Being able to qualify for Worlds, which took the entire season, was a big influence on our team growing (especially since at our first meet the robot didn’t even move off the color tile). So when I joined this year, I didn’t know anything about Robotics. Now I’m so immersed with Robotics, that our teacher has to kick us out of school so he can go home. So I guess after rambling on about my experience with the VEX program, What made you join a VEX robotics team, and how has it changed your life?

I was always interesting in mechanical things. I have drawings of robot stuff since my age was in single digits. In 2010 I was the only lower classman on a tiny robotics team that went to Championships. That was really eye-opening.

Sadly, because everyone in Japan is preoccupied with other types of robots, we’re pretty much the only team in our country, which made going to competitions a bit of a chore. Thus, I think I’ve watched every VEX robotics video on youtube.

Now I’ve been captain of our little team for 2 years running. Last year we qualified for finals, but the earthquake interrupted our plans. This year we went all the way to Taiwan for our only regional. Now we can finally go to finals again. I’m reserving time to visit 1107’s booth and shake murdomeek’s hand and tell them they’re the craftiest sun of a gun I know.

I was trying to join the Marine Corps, but after signing the papers I looked at the top of the page (which the recruiter had been covering with his hand) and saw that instead of “USMC” it said “VRC” and the term of service was “forever” instead of four years. I’ve been a robot guy ever since.

i joined in grade 8 doing mini sumo robots
and when we got the first VEX kit in grade 9 i was hooked :slight_smile:
@band, after a year or so, your teacher will just leave and tell you to turn off the lights and lock up when you leave :wink:
im pretty much in charge of the room after schools now, and our mentor barley stays anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
haha thanks for the compliment :wink:
i konw it says in your info, but i find it hard to believe that you are from Japan
are you full Jap?
your english is flawless :slight_smile:
at Dallas 2 years ago, i saw a college japanese team that almost clean swept in every autonomous!
maybe you should join their forces wen you graduate? :wink:

Haha, we are left alone sometimes, but he’s always afraid that something will go wrong… I mean its only a Chemistry lab! And the janitors get mad at us if we stay too late (past 10 they usually yell at us).


I’m actually an American kid going to an international school here :wink:
No deception intended. However, it was funny in Dallas two years
ago to see scouting teams come up to our (basically all white kids) team
and, enunciating well, ask “Do you speak english?”

I joined Vex Robotics because it naturally interested me. It has been only a year and two months and I have won 7 trophies including one from world championship 2011.:slight_smile:
It significantly changed my life as I do is Vex Robotics everyday!! I feel that Vex Robotics is teaching me and preparing me to became a future engineer. It is giving me a head start in areas like designing programming and building.

Ahahhaha! That made my day. If it were me, I would have started talking back in Spanish.

Woah nice!! You must be a really good team then.

Lol at first I joined cause I thought it’d look good for college. I was expecting something similar to FLL which I was a part of in 8th grade but nothing could have prepared me for the amount of fun and torture I had in our robotics club. It was like a family. We bullied and fought with each other. Actually mostly, they bullied me cause I was a freshman. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The only problem now is that I’m so engrossed in vexforums that I’ve been procrastinating on most of my hw lol. Oh and Worlds in Florida was almost the best trip I had ever taken. (The mosquito bites kinda ruined it for me.) My teammates played so many pranks on me there… A funny one was that they made me fetch soap in the middle of the night because one of my roommates supposedly was so religious that he couldn’t share soap with the rest of us so I went all the way to the front desk from the farthest rooms (the sport hotel) and asked for soap in my Pjs. The front desk person thought I was joking lol. They also filled my cup with soda, ketchup, salt, pepper, and other crap. Oh well joining our school’s Vex team felt like joining a big family.

*Edit: We also played assassin throughout the hotel. If you saw people chasing each other throughout the hotel, that was probably us.

I think it was when I went with my brother to a competition with the team he mentored. After I came up with a full list of improvements they could make, they told me the next meeting would be on Tuesday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah I would go out of my hotel room and I would see people running Past. One time actually someone got tackled outside my room:D

Lol that was probably us. Too bad most of the hotels in Anaheim aren’t very big (property wise) so there aren’t large areas for us to run around this year.

Good times, good times. :slight_smile:

I wish I could go, I could see all my old friends, plus some of my relatives work at Disneyland hahah. Even if we do qualify, I’ll be in France :confused: Robotics > France for me… but not for my parents.

Lol is it your spring break? Our spring break is unfortunately the week before worlds and the week of worlds is our prom week, I think, but that doesn’t really matter to me cause I’m a sophomore. It would be so much more convenient if worlds was one week earlier.

Actually, when is worlds this year? It may not be during Worlds… and the Pats lost :’( Yeah it’s during Worlds… next year, I shall not go to Spain!.. I need to go to Worlds, at least once in high school! But then college…

Our team began in an unconventional way. All of our original members were in our school’s strong FIRST Lego League program. Michigan State University was about to lose one of the high school teams it sponsored and decided to make a middle school team in our school as an experiment. They brought the Clean Sweep robot from the dying High School team to one of our Lego meetings and we were hooked. They took the most experienced and skilled kids from our Lego program and made their first Middle School VEX team.

At first we were not as skilled as MSU’s high school teams were. At our first tournament the thin chain we used to move our forklift up and down snapped in almost every match. We won the Judges Award for persevering and using defensive tactics when our lift failed. Later we added larger chain, and we learned the preload loop/wall goal trick for autonomous and used limit switches to tell the program what side the loop was on. Our autonomous program gave us such a huge strategic advantage that at our last tournament we beat MSU’s oldest high school team 58-6 in the final round and went to Worlds. MSU was very proud of us.

I used to be a cookie-baking, (mostly) stay-at-home mom, until my son asked, “Can I be on a robotics team?”, 7 life-changing words. We did FLL for 2 years, but when he aged out, FRC wasn’t practical, even though we’d been offered a $5000 NASA grant. I called the FIRST office and asked, “Don’t you have anything cheaper?”, and was routed to the right person, who replied, “Actually, we’re pilot testing a program in a couple months – care to fly to Atlanta?” We joined FVC, which morphed to FTC, from which VRC branched off.

BTW, the name “ManicMechanic” is a misnomer, as I’m neither manic nor mechanical. All the “appropriately descriptive” screen names like RoboMom, AnotherRoboMom and LEGOmom were taken, so I tried using the team name, the Manic Mechanic Mindstormers. However, the name had too many characters, and had to be truncated.

wow, never thought you’d be a “mom” :slight_smile:
i wish MY mom is awesome like that :wink: