What makes a good reveal video?

Now that we are getting close to worlds the reveal videos will be coming out in mass. This is great!! As I for one like to see what other regions and countries are doing. For new teams that are starting out and established teams that haven’t done a reveal what should be included in a reveal video? What do teams do to try and “hook” people to watch their reveal? What do people like to see and what should not be included. I believe newer teams will not do a reveal video as they are not sure how it will be received. So pertinent feedback would be a great thread to get more involvement with the next generation of vex competitors.

One really good thread about this over on Chief Delphi (FRC forums)

Basically, either keep it short, interesting, and stunning/impressive (Good example: 254 Cheesy Poofs from FRC

Or longer, but with a good taste in music, clean editing, and an interesting/impressive robot (Robonauts (FRC) or Discobots (VEX) ).

Trap music, or nothing. :wink:

actual robot content…

Alternatively, you could go with 2915’s strategy.

To me, creating a great reveal video involves mainly dedication. You have to be willing to get all of the best shots of both your robot and your team. Also, having original music is a BIG plus. Most of the robot reveals I have watched these past 2 years have all used the same songs. This made me want to instantly click off of the video. Just have fun with editing and don’t go to overboard with it. But that’s just me.

Well, as someone whose dabbled in film for the past 10 years of my life [only 17], I find the use of a drone to film overhead and a high speed camera for slow motion never fails to create amazing shots.

Granted you may not have those just lying around. So it kind of depends on what you’re doing. If you want to get interest going you could use low level lighting to highlight the original/cool parts of the robot. Unless that is you want to keep your best stuff secretive.

Record with a tripod or heck we’ve even mounted phones to other robots to record. But for goodness sake do not record handheld, just don’t.

Cut out whatever isn’t necessary [powering on] use a music track that hasn’t been overused (music somewhat strange to hear at first usually works well to a video [see carnival Para a bala, worked for jingles]) Avoid being cheesey. If you need any help editing or whatever else just ask.


I always think it’s a good idea to showcase a repeatable autonomous, some in-match footage, a skills run, and maybe the awards you have won throughout the season. Show teams why they should pick you. Good music and editing are a must. Most importantly have fun with it! Throw in some memes or inside jokes you share with your team. Also, a little off topic, if you are able, bring a small TV and leave it at your pit and put your reveal on replay so people can see your robot if you are gone. Hope this is helpful!