What makes a pit cool?

What makes a pit area cool? What should we do for our pit at Worlds? We have 3 banners right now. I planned on bringing candy to give out, frisbees, stickers. What else? We will also be having a shirt which everyone can sign.

Let me know! I want to have a cool pit.

I’m pretty sure the AC system is the reason a pit would be cool.

In all seriousness, try having something that really gains attention. I have seen teams with large monitor displays, bright colors and all sorts of crazy bits of eye candy. I think I recall seeing an arm constructed out of VEX parts that would shake hands with you.


Hmm… I might bring a fan :slight_smile:

Okay, not sure if we will have room for monitors, but I’ll see.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Last year at worlds I had a little circuit of teams that gave out candy. Every few hours went and grabbed a piece or 2 from like 7-8 teams.

What good is a pit without spikes?

But maybe if you bring monitors you could have revolving renderings of your robot. Or maybe really good match playlists playing. I know some teams give out cool bracelets.

Are you giving out frisbees and trying to sell them for fund-raising?

No, we have already paid off the frisbees so we will just be giving them out :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks. Yea, I liked stealing candy :stuck_out_tongue:

A vex speaker playing music all day long!

I’m not sure who it was but I saw a video of a team who had a rotating trophy case made out of vex parts. Just an idea if you have the time. If you can’t bring a tv you could build a turntable in a few minutes. Also do you leave you robot at the tournament or take it back to the hotel.

We always take our robot, tools, and other things back to the hotel (or house). You never know :wink:

Some great music played through an amp. My team always jokes about shipping a small couch to CA to put in the back of the pit :smiley: I know 400X gave away rubber bracelets at Nationals, and they were pretty cool (im still wearing it)

TV and game system. Run a Super Smash Bros tournament? There’s a ton of downtime.

Thanks, also you could get one of these if you want a couch. (inflatable)
inflatable couch.jpg

Giving out hats, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Anything people can wear or fiddle with seem to be helpful. Also, paper on your table that people can draw on seems to attract attention.

Our team has rubber wristbands and buttons. But our main “attention-getter”
should be our costumes. Which incorporate many vex game pieces. Also they are in full steam-punk style!! See you guys at worlds!!!

I remember a pit at last year’s worlds that was pretty huge since the team had like 4 total robots competing. In their pit, they had a whole half of the field (sack attack, so auton was easily reflected), they had a pachinko thing that the winners got pens or candy I think (it was really easy to win. I think every shot was a win), and I think there was more things, but I didn’t stay too long.

That pit was really memorable.

You could put some videos/displays of your robot up

My entire team may be at your pit the entire time if that’s the case :smiley:

It’s a matter of finding room to set it up. With a couple of tables this year, it might be possible. But I’m still not sure. We still have to make sure there’s room to fix the robots.


Love it!!! This is perfect :smiley:

I’ll be sure to come by your pit to grab some free stuff! :cool: