What makes a strong team strong?

I was just wondering what makes a team stronger than others.

Share your ideas here. Personally, I feel that attention to detail is what makes a team perform much better than other teams.

Communications and teamwork!!!

One big thing is team members, it is kind of luck, especially if your team is compromised of people only in your school, it does matter if your school contains those interested, creative, and smart people who want to join your team. A well structured team with smart team members and an excellent team leader make a very good team. :slight_smile:

Time (10char)

I agree. Also, it helps to have lots of parts and sponsors that give you money for parts.

A few things really make a strong team:

  1. The team members are dedicated and willing to spend free time on it. If a team only works on the robot at a school or only during specific times that are designated by the school/group manager. Normally times that are pre-designated are really short, and from personal experience people get virtually nothing done. So one main thin is team member dedication.

  2. If (now this is a big if since team members can specialize them selves) the members work together on parts of the robot, like if all the members work together on building, then they have to be able to somewhat quickly agree on a solution, and not fight over what to do. (I’ve also seen at a tournament one kid added something to an intake of some sort, then about 30 seconds latter another kid came over and ripped it off…) So easily working together is key too.

  3. Basic knowledge of how stuff works and how to do stuff. If you don’t know how to do anything, you can spin your ‘wheels’ around and go no where. Especially in the middle school division it seems that the other kids never learn and get no where by doing this.

  4. A good mentor or leader is needed, without a leader to keep everyone in check… Chaos breaks loose and absolutely nothing gets done. But if a team has mentor/leader that is bad/doesn’t know anything about vex, then the result is even worse than if there isn’t a mentor/leader.

  5. Money and a space to work.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

The teams makeup. Team size of 4-6, with experienced team members and a rookie.

The team members talents should be varied.
Two programmers: one for functions, one for autonomous.
1 driver
1 rookie parts monkey
2 builders, designers.
The team should be willing to cooperate on making a notebook, and the captain/ cocaptain should be split so one programmer and one builder would the captain and cocaptain.

Sponsors, strong coding skills, and ability to CAD are all important. Lastly, but most importantly, time.
The ability to invest time makes everything possible.

1: Experience with robotics.
2: An ability to ascertain what is critical to win matches for each year’s game type, work out a game strategy from this and design and build to achieve this.
3: Smart team members who are capable of getting the best out of each other.
4: To never be satisfied that what you have is good enough (be self critical). :slight_smile:

I assume this refers to the mechanical aspect of the robot. I would argue that you have to consider when the time is right to make changes. Like one week before a tournament is not the right time to rebuld…:smiley:

This refers to every single aspect of everything you do until you have put down your joystick and turned off your robot for final time at the end of your season…:slight_smile:

A strong team is strong because of their dedication.
Every team has the potential to be a “strong team” if they put forth the effort and time.
A strong team is a strong team because they devoted the time to become one.
A weak team is a strong team with less practice.

Time, money and natural ability.

Practice and Community :slight_smile:

My team is a small team, being only four of us. Still wish i had a girl to talk to, but my teammates treat me MOSTLY equal

This is from a year ago haha

@7998C lol

What makes our team strong is just the will to win and how bad they want it. As the member who does absolutely everything on his team, my biggest pet peeve is that I hate losing so I strive to be the best.
Also an abundance of parts really helps

What I have seen in Vex, granted this is my first year, is that people who don’t really want to win don’t win. Therefore, a strong team is one who wants to win.

Eh. I don’t know about that. A strong poor team can be just as strong if they know how to use what they have. :wink:

BTW, we did qualify for Worlds anyways through programming skills. We aren’t going though. I guess that’s where funding comes in. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my experience, a busy team is a strong team. As long as all the roles and needs are being carried out for the duration of the tournament (ex. Battery Charging, Scouting, Drive Practice, Skills) then everything should run smoothly. Always be sure that the team members come with a schedule/plan in mind.

The time that every team member is willing to put in and their ability to work together as a team. From my experience, you’ll work faster and more efficiently if you all get along… Also, being good friends with other teams in your area is a great way to get more ideas and improve your region as a whole!