What makes a successful notebook?

In my region, there is sort of a gray area around notebooking. Many teams even opt out of maintaining one. What elements of a notebook make it not just good in your region but also for the world championship?

The search bar


When you say search bar, do you mean the index?

This forum is not just meant to be used to make posts, but as a library and resource for robotics. If you want to make a post, search using the search bar on this forum to see if something similar already exists. And if it doesn’t then you’d be in the clear to make a post :slight_smile:


May i suggest this thread. She talks about advice and how to get an award winning notebook. Her team has won excellence for 7 comps including 1 tourney champ. Check it out.


Nice! I’ll check it’s out. Thx

Ah I see. Interesting theory.

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