What mechanism would be good for cube stacking?

Me and my team are having trouble finding ideas for a cube stacking mechanism.
The only thing we have so far is the modified tank tread intake. Does anyone have a better idea for scoring cubes in the goal?

Like last year dragging a cube is a good idea, even with the nubs. I would use a 4bar to score green cubes and use the dragger behind the bot to move those red and blue cubes.

There are often two types of stackers, traybots and double reverse 4 bar lifts. There are also cascade lifts, however, they are more suited for other games. Traybots offer more cube capacity and are often easier to build. DR4B lifts with intakes are often more difficult to build however they don’t have as much cube capacity. But they are more stable and are more suited for stacking onto existing stacks. They are also at most times better than traybots at towers.

this topic is categorized in vex IQ, so it is likely about the cubes in the vex IQ game, not tower takeover.

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But cubes aren’t usually stacked in squared away.

true, but they probably meant stacking as in placing on those platforms or whatever it is that they do.

Someone else asked this exact question in another thread in the IQ discussion forum (although it was tagged tower takeover).

Anyway, linking to my reply. Again, I’ll ask the same question I posed to the other poster. Have you looked at other ways to manipulate multiple cubes other than stacking, or have already done that and concluded stack is best (most efficient and most reliable)?