What Motor Type would an Electric Linear Actuator be?

Hello again,

we have purchased 2 linear electric actuators. However, I cannot seem to find which type of motor a linear actuator should be selected as in the Motors & Sensors configuration. I have tried most of them, with no avail. Would someone be so kind and provide the Sensor/Motor type, along with some example code? Thanks.

It seems to be just a normal motor so just define it as a 393 motor and use the standard motor commands, to power it. I can give some example code later when I have access to a computer.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried setting it as a 393, then using

motor[actuator] = 50;

But with nothing happening. Ill try again later today.

Do you have everything wired up correctly? Can you post a picture of the setup? Try powering the motor using the port number, for example:
motor[port1] = 50;

Here are pictures.

Album on imgur:

Plugged in backwards, I suspect. The VEX cables plug in with the black wire along the edge of the Cortex.