What Next?

I was recently given the V.5 vex starter kit. I have built squarebot, a crane, and something to pick up squash balls but now I have hit a standstill. I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions about what robot I should attempt next or what parts would be useful to buy.
Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Buy some omni wheels. They’re quite cheap, and open up a whole new world of motion options.

Hmmm they look good. Any ideas for a project? I have struggled to find blueprints of robots with the limited amount of parts I have. I am fine with buying a small amount of parts but I do not want to spend €100+

Good idea! I would suggest deasuin to build a holonomic drive. They look very cool and I want to make one!

You have to cut up a lot of metal to get a perfectly fitting holonomic drive with the omni wheels. Might I suggest using the new mecanum wheels to achieve the same effect in a standard 4 wheel tank configuration?

Blueprints? VEX is all about being your own engineer and creating your own robots, not copying a blueprint. I would suggest watching some youtube videos. yes the robots you find will be more complex than what you are building but you can use many of the concepts involved.

Yes, it is not blueprints that I want, but more ideas and concepts with the limited amount of parts I have.

I would just make a simple tower with 2 of the rails and make a simple arm with a ratio at around 3:1 or if you want it to lift more do a 5:1. just make sure the load is over the support polygon when lifted.

Thanks, that sounds perfect