What online team communication does everyone use? Facebook, Slack, etc.

I am starting a new team and I need an online communication website to use, like Facebook and Slack. What do you all use?

Do you mean to communicate with our teams, or to contact other teams on social media. We just text each other to communicate and we have a OneNote document set up to organize meeting notes, goals, accomplishments, and more. I think the most popular social media lots of VEX teams use is Facebook, but I honestly have no idea as I refrain from almost all social media.

I communicate with other teams from around the world through the Vex Teams of the World Discord server if you have Discord, but for communication within the team, we just text each other.

Our team just texts each other if we’re sharing information or announcements. We use a SharePoint site and OneNote to share documents, code, presentations, pictures, videos, and our notebook. We have an Instagram account to share pictures with other teams. Follow us!
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I like WhatsApp because it does not require a login (only tied to phone number) and lets you see if others have read your texts.

My team has our own discord server. We have also used slack but happened to prefer discord.

BNS used to use Skype but switched to Slack during Starstruck.

We mostly use Skype and Whatsapp, but sometimes we use Discord if we’re doing minor work. Whatsapp is really convenient during competitions.

I would say depends on the team size. I know a lot of robotics teams (FRC and VEX) have switched to slack and have found that to be a great fit. I know my FRC team is working to move toward using it for the next season. Part of the benefit of slack is you can separate and manage the many different tasks there are on a team. In FRC with how big a team can be and how many different things there are this helps a lot.

However for many VEX teams that are just your 3-4 kids and a mentor or two, Slack and other similar applications could be overkill. With that few people a single channel with which to talk with one another would probably be best, and just having a communal place to store files and documents, etc. such as gdrive, dropbox, etc.

At the end of the day, it’s tough to go wrong. As long as your team is making a real effort to be organized and responsible with all facets of the team that’s most of the battle right there.

We used Slack at the end of the season. Was a great tool.

I think in our club among the teams the main communications platforms are Facebook and Discord.

We used to use slack but found some problems with it dropping notifications on iOS, channel permissions were a little confusing, and the annoyance to re-sign in to switch between slack servers. We switched to discord a couple months back and we haven’t regretted it at all. We assign a color coded role for every subteam, so organization is super simple. No one has complained about dropped notifications yet, and there’s even voice chat for design discussions.