What Part Library is Best for Fusion 360?

I’ve had Fusion 360 for a while now, but every time I start modeling I run into the issue of parts lacking points on which to attach joints. The library you can get from the Autodesk website has all the parts I need, but making sketches on every part file to add snap points is extremely time-consuming and is much of the reason I’ve never finished building a robot in CAD.

Could anyone who uses fusion 360 points me to a part library that already has snap points in all the holes? If I’m missing something obvious about modeling do tell. :​P

(This is a similar question to this thread, but about fusion 360 rather than inventor. That would have been exactly what I was looking for if it wasn’t for the wrong software.)

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I haven’t seen anything like this. I just don’t use joints in my drawings seeing as I’m not running simulations.

Might just be me, but it seems like your link isn’t working.

That’s true it isn’t working for me either.

For the OP: the inventor files should be able to work, but seeing as I’ve never used inventor (just F360 and AutoCAD) or seen that library I’m not sure which file type is being used.

F360 supports: (sorry it’s so long, hid it for sanity’s sake)

File types
  • 3DM
  • 3DS
  • ASM
  • CAM360
  • CGR
  • DAE
  • DLV3
  • DWF
  • DWFX
  • DWG (object-enabler viewing support only for AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Plant 3D, and AutoCAD®Civil 3D®)
  • DWT
  • EXP
  • F3D
  • FBX
  • G
  • IAM
  • IDW
  • IFC
  • IGE
  • IGES
  • IGS
  • IPT
  • JT
  • NEU
  • NWC
  • NWD
  • OBJ
  • PRT
  • RVT (files from Revit® 2013 and later)
  • SAB
  • SAT
  • SKP
  • SMB
  • SMT
  • STE
  • STEP
  • STL
  • STLA
  • STLB
  • STP
  • WIRE
  • X_B
  • X_T
  • XAS
  • XPR

You are absolutely right about the link. I’ll fix that.

I tried using inventor parts, but it just didn’t seem to work quite right. I ended up with essentially the same library of parts that I had before. I suppose the question now is this: If you don’t build with joints, how do you build? They seem to be the replacement for inventor’s constraints, so what tool should I use to bind things together?