What parts should I buy

I am quite new to vex in general, and I hope to do some personal building, however I have no clue as to what should I buy in regards to parts. I will also except any advice for vex you have. Thank you

buy aluminum and if you are on a budget, cortex, if not then v5. Also make sure you have drive shafts and other small things along with wheels and gears

Assuming you are doing vex EDR, where the current game is Tower Takeover, there are a lot of things to buy.

If you are starting, the v5 super kit is very good:

I would buy some aluminum in the parts you need, and a lot of basic items you will need will come in the kit.

I would also buy some nylon spacer variety kits, as you will need those:

You will also want some teflon spacers, listed above under shafts and hardware, and you will probably want to buy all sizes of screws, star or hex, whichever you prefer:


Don’t get hex screws
It is surprisingly easy to strip the heads and Allen wrenches
The torx wrenches and heads hold better


look at robosource.net, they have parts for vex and most of the time its cheaper and faster to buy here. Besides that, buy some good tools, dremels are good for cutting metal and getting a nut driver is very good for nuts


Dremel is always the place to start for cutting equipment. Don’t forget you’ll need vices or clamps, and a hacksaw is always useful as well.

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If you’re cutting stuff, a file too!


This kinda isnt related, but I have a dremel, but don’t have the cutting disk. What are you guys using?

The e-z-lock cutting disks are nice, but be sure you make some practice cuts with ordinary cheap disks (you’ll break a bunch until you get a steady hand). We prefer other methods as the first-line of cutting. Dremel is a last-resort.

depends on what dremel you have, as kmmohn said the ez lock cutting disks are nice, but they do seem to break easy. image i use a dremel like this and it seems to be the best for cutting

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Can’t be cutting without cutting wheels/disks!
My personal preference are hacksaws since I tend to have less accidents with them but if I need something done fast I still use the Dremel, or the band saw the club has access to.
Here’s a reference link to a pack of cutting wheels I bought and they’ve lasted me for well over 1.5 years, accounting that I’ve handed out 1 or 2 to other teammates.
Don’t get them on Amazon, you can probably get them at a local home depot for cheaper than what it says on amazon

I have this one. Which disks would work. I think I need a circle in the middle of the disk.

That kit uses ordinary cut-off wheels (with a little hole in the middle). You can usually get a 25 pack at a home center or hardware store. If you want to use the Dremel EZ Lock, you have to start with a “starter kit” which includes the mandrel to hold the wheels.

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We use a chop saw and we have a 1 inch wide belt sander. The sander is amazing because it allows us to get rid of burrs quickly. Also have files in case you need to do precision grinding. An angle grinder or an oscillating saw is also very useful for cuts on the robot.

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Vex Nut retainers https://www.vexrobotics.com/nut-retainers.html

3-hole wide aluminum c-Channel.

Extra Battery.

3.25" Omniwheels

Thin nylock nuts from robosource.net.

A hilarious selection of zip-ties.

https://www.vexrobotics.com/couplers-8-32.html These coupler screws, in both sizes.

Polycarb. https://www.robosource.net/13-plastic-sheets and something to cut said polycarb.


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