What place are you in state right now?

My team is in 31 place for our state

My team is 1st in my state.


2nd :neutral_face:


10th :neutral_face: could be improved

6th in terms of skills. But the rankings are going to shuffle around quite a bit at the last comp this Saturday.

I am fourth in skills in Nebraska, but since I rebuilt, I haven’t improved my skills since December. I am planning to finally work on programming skills again soon.


3rd. Those filthy New York City boys keep getting more points while we’ve been choking since January 15th

5th, could be better but were focusing on perfecting our design before state rather than skills.

4th in my state, striving for more

Currently rank 26/35 with a combined score of 148 :sunglasses:

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Ended in 4th, we tied our last match and lost our first one

Currently in 8th because i didnt have enough time to work on programming skills. Speaking of, how many of you think its gonna be possible for me to get a 310 programming skills working in 2 weeks? My state tournament is on march 5th so I have literally two weeks to do this and I dont have tomorrow because of a 4 day weekend, so i only have 9 work days plus the day of the comp (yes im that person writing their whole auton on the practice field the day of lmao).

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I’m 1st in Michigan VEX IQ with combined score of 144. By the way, VRC people, the max score for this year VIQC game is 152. In VIQC, we don’t compete against another team; there are only two robots on the field at once (one in skills) and they’re working together.

And yes, my program got a higher score than our driver. I’m pretty proud of that. I wrote the program totally by my self. (Please don’t complain at my teammates. Coding is best done by one person, and I like being in charge of all coding and not having to explain myself to other people.)


we are not going to talk about it


you rang the sny boys? @BeyondAiden

2nd place In The state

dropped down to 12th :sob: :sob: :sob:

First place heading into states

im first place in the state of depression.


Bro we were posed to do our high hang for the 153 then our high hanging mech got stuck we had two balls in our catapult and we couldn’t score since the high hanging mech was stuck.

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