what plane is rule G7a referring?

A student driver can not break the plane of the playing field when ent entering a ball into alluance square. So how can you do this without breaking the vertical or horizontal planes?

You need to put the ball into the field without reaching into the field. This would suggest that we are meant to toss the balls, but then it says “gently placed on a Robot” and " not to impart energy on the Scoring Object which will cause it to end up in a position outside the Loading Zone" So I guess we are meant to use are magic in order to levitate the ball into the field and onto our robot/into the loading zone.

Edit: oops, looks like I missed <G19>


I’ll admit to being confused by this, too. My thoughts so far has been that a robot would need some form of a hopper to catch gently tossed balls. Alternately, I guess a member of the drive team could rest a ball on the wall and gently roll it off as long as they don’t cross the plane.

This definitely needs clarification.

Maybe the robot needs to break the plane (a small ramp sticking off the back).

Based on the pictures beneath sg6 (figures 10, 11, 12, and 13) it appears as though the rule is referring to the vertical planes separating the loading zone from the rest of the field.

I think its a safety issue. Maybe your arm can break the plane but not the rest of the student because they dont want kids leaning over the side and placing the elements in due to possible object- head accidents

OOHHH I understand now

The student DRIVERS cant load the robot.

The student COACHES can

The robot is only allowed to be loaded by a coach

This is not true, the term used in sg6 is student drive team member and this term includes all 3 people in the alliance station.

But aren’t all drivers/coaches now just considered Drive Team Members?

I could see allowing the vertical plane to be broken, but NOT the horizontal plan. You could hover the ball 12" above the field and drop the ball straight down to the alliance loading zone or on the bot. It your bot is >12 inches then you won’t even break the horizontal plane. If your bot extended out of the peripheral field then you would not break either the horizontal or vertical plane. Unlikely the bot would have to do this.
Not to cast any disparaging words, but isn’t there a committee that oversees these rules prior to release?

There is, the game design committee. Every year the rules need clarification, however, the official Q&A is not open yet.

We had a similar question to yours last year.

I would guess that the answer will be that it will be ok to place balls onto your robot or on the field tiles in the loading zone and momentarily break the plane of the field perimeter.

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Thanks for the reply.
I think we get antsy when we anal folk don’t have everything known.
I have to take a deep breath and just be patient.


I think when the Q&A opens Karthik will give a reasonable reply. In the past, introduction of game objects has been either gently placed on/in the robot or on the field. We don’t want students throwing the balls or leaning over or into the field but obviously all of the balls have to end up on the field somehow.

I believe that rule is saying that a drive team member hand may not pass the vertical plane formed by the inner side of the field wall, this means that you can place the ball onto the robot or throw it two inches with out your hand passing into the field

The sarcasm is strong in this one.