What plastics to use for picking up the cubes and stars?

What is the best acceptable plastic for picking up the cubes and stars? I’m thinking about using Plexiglas, but I think it might to flimsy.

Thank You

Plexiglass (acrylic) is not a legal plastic because it can shatter. Polycarbonate (Lexan) is probably the most common choice of plastics.

We will most likely use one of polycarbonate, acetal or polypropylene. Not yet decided but we have sheets of all three so we may just test them all.

Does anyone know what plastic the Vex IQ goals and ramps from Bank Shot were? I think it’s lexan but not sure. I’m transitioning from middle to high and I requested my mentor to let me have them to use for VRC. Does anyone know if they’re legal?

Does anyone use ABS Plastic? It’s allowed in the rules but I’ve never seen anyone use it before.

One of our teams did for their flywheel hood in nbn

I’ve used it sometimes last year. It’s a bit cheaper than polycarbonate, not that polycarbonate is expensive, but pretty similar in terms of workability and strength. One thing I like is that ABS sheets (at least the ones we sell) have a smooth surface on one side and somewhat rougher “haircell” surface on the other, which can be useful for some applications.

We use Boedecker I am sure there are other places. We only buy a new pack every other year it seems.

MSC has a variety of plastic sheets, which you can get 12" x 24",

The whole idea of plastic parts has me somewhat confused. Rule one says only VEX parts are permitted, but then rule three(?) says that plastic can be used. Can this plastic be used to form parts? I would like to create a gusset larger than the ones provided by VEX. Can I do this and still be legal? How much of the robot can be plastic?

From the Game Manual:

f. Non shattering plastic from the following list; polycarbonate, acetel monopolymer (Delrin),
acetal copolymer (Acetron GP), POM (acetal), ABS, PEEK, PET, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon (all
grades), Polypropylene, FEP; as cut from a single 12" x 24" sheet up to 0.070" thick.
i. Plastic can be mechanically altered by cutting, drilling or bending etc., but it cannot be
chemically treated, melted or cast. Teams may heat the polycarbonate to aid in

You can make anything you want, as long as all the parts you make can come from the single 12" x 24" sheet all at the same time. (For example, you can’t make a part 2" by 36"). So the gusset would be fine.

Or you can get it at Robosource.net for much less while supporting our VEX team. :slight_smile: Polycarbonate is $3.99 per sheet or a 3 pack for less, and shipping is cheap too.

Wow, quite a bit less…

I agree