What Questions are we going to ask for the Q&A

The Q&A is going to open in roughly six to seven days. There have been a lot of confusing rules like SG5 C and the pet sheets. So what are your planned questions or questions you would like to see asked?


Whether or not throwing hundreds of feet of string across the field constitutes unnecessary risk of entanglement.


we are going to ask grant cox what color motor cartridge he would be




I’m waiting for the match where a rat king forms from endgame rope.


I know I’ve been a stickler about this, but I’m going to ask it anyway since no one has given me a concrete answer with rules cited.


Lots of posts on the forum about this rule, it would be great to get the record set straight about what is and isn’t allowed.

Minor rules question regarding G7b - VEX IQ Competition Discussion - VEX Forum


What if they opened the Q&A with, "We know you’re going to ask this, but you really shouldn’t even bother. Things that aren’t legal:

  • Cortex flashlight
  • Motors without cartridges
  • Entangling
  • Using VEX-sold polycarbonate to circumvent the plastic limit

You all should have known, seriously."


I want the spring Q&A for the use of string.

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As a ref, I am not looking forward to sorting out an endgame rat king then dealing with the ensuing protests and rules-lawyering that will inevitably follow such a situation.

On the point of the topic though, I’m curious about the clarification to the autonomous line. Usually they are super clear about where zones start and stop, but this one is a touch vague and raises some questions. The biggest one is what happens if you are touching a disc that is partially over the line, and what specifically is the “line”.


Seems pretty clear to me. You can touch the tiles between the two lines and you can touch the second line, but you can’t touch the tiles past the second line. You can touch the discs that are on the two lines (provided you do not touch the tiles across the second line)

Edit: Can you touch a disc that started fully on the opponent’s side which they launched to your side? I’d assume “Yes” for sanity / common sense’s sake…


Seems pretty obvious to me:

Robots may not contact … Discs … which on the the opposing Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line.

If they were shot to your side, they are on your side, and not on the opposing side, and you may not not contact them.


I’m looking at it more from an officiating perspective I guess.

My biggest one depends on the definition of “on [the other side]” that they are using. Is it “fully off of the tape” or is the line an “infinite vertical plane” sort of thing? The discs have a curved lip so it is possible that a disc is not contacting the line, but is breaking the plane.

Additionally, can the middle discs even become illegal to grab if they are over the line? If they are always legal regardless of field position (provided you don’t hit the tiles) that also takes care of it.

I realize that these are super edge cases and I don’t think anyone is going to program a sentient AI in VEXcode to exploit this stuff. However, definitions always seem to be the sticking point when teams are arguing rulings and I’d appreciate a touch more specificity.

This has been answered very clearly by the rule. Read it. @Mentor_355v posted the entire rule; read <SG8b>.

Definitely not. Did you read the rule? There is no rule that you can’t contact air on the other side of the line, just that you can’t contact tiles, discs, or rollers on the other side of the line. (Interestingly, no mention of contacting robots on the other side of the line.)


The vex-sold polycarb actually has some merit in getting around , due to the fact that all vex components are legal and the wording of R9 is “custom plastic”. We may end up in a stupid rules lawyering situation where uncut vex plastic is unlimited but if you cut it it becomes limited.

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Theoretically, at least. Even if the Q&A ruled uncut VEX plastic legal, would anybody use it? And for what? All I can think of is an umbrella to keep off discs, and that limits your expansion ability a good bit.


Y’all, the Q and A is officially open!


No need, we know the answer is green.