What regionals are you going to?

So what regionals are you going too?
Our team/s are planning to go to:
Ohio, Dec 8th
Florida, Jan.19th Maybe?
Conn. , Feb 23

Connvex (maybe)

i have to look into any others, any near canada?

either north or south carolina (whichever is cheaper :))

Virginia and looking into North Carolina

We are going to Ohio. Then we have to start getting ready for FRC. We might go to another region in North Carolina in February. Depends on fund raising. FRC takes most of our funds

we are going to Toronto. hope its fun!!!:slight_smile:

what team are u?
BTW bring it on! inless were in an alliance then good luck!

athough in the spirit of gracious professionalism good luck anyway’

Goin to 3 regionals. Appleton, WI, Chicago, and sumwhere else, not sure yet, hopefulle we’ll b ready

hey we’re going to appleton too, what your team name?

our team name is Mainframe Meltdown

cool hope to see you there.

What’s your team name?

Ahh, I hope to see you in WI again this year (see sig for details) and much like last year, i hope we succeed.

oh coo, i remember Zip ties:D
and our team name is Scrap.

I didnt know you had a screen name, Zip Ties. It would be nice to talk ro you guys again.:smiley:

Yah, and as proof; here i am. I do think this forum should head back on topic though.