What robot have you built/are building

With the season starting soon in my region. I was wondering what types of robots people are building.

  • Hoodbot
  • Tray lift
  • Pushbot
  • Crunchbot
  • Clawbot
  • Wallbot
  • Other

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You might wanna consider allowing multiple choices in the vote in case someone built two or more bots over the season


Also what’s a Crunchbot

It is VEX’s build for this season. It kinda resembles the protobot from years past. You can see it in action alongside the V5 claw bot in the game reveal video.

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oh ok (might be worth a try on the name alone (not really tho))

Wow, not as many tray lifts as expected. From all the buzz about design ideas early season I expected a few more teams to adopt it.

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There are only some tray bots but mainly cad bits are the move but im not going to build any of those ideas.

I am building a hood bot. If you want to see it. Go look at my insta calvin_thefreeplacegod. Yes I did this just to plug.

We are planning a hoodbot, but potentially with a wall.

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