What rpm do you guys have on your intakes?Which do you think is the best?

  • 200rpm motors
  • 100rpm motors
  • 100rpm with a ratios
  • other(specify as a comment)

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Other: I have the china style intake where the outer paddle is 166rpm ans the inner part is 100rpm. I dont know if that counts as 100rpm with ratios though

Why isnt 200rpm with ratios a thing if 100 rpm with ratios is?

Bc people usually run Chinatake with 100+Ratio for the extra torque

well, you could take 200 rpm motors, slap a .6 gear ratio on it so it would be 120 rpm but with comparable torque. Most team’s 200 rpm cap out at 8-9 cubes while 100 rpm easily can push 12 cubes up. So why not gear the 200 rpm for more torque while still being faster than 100 rpm?

we currently can suck up 9 cubes with 200 rpm but our intake stops and becomes much slower with the motors often feeling warm.

It really depends on how you build your intakes. I run 200 rpm intakes and I can intake about 13 consistently. I do not however have that capacity on my robot I just slapped extra trays on for testing. The main reason is that we do not rely on the motor to hold the cubes. They rest on top of our intake treads so that the motors don’t burn out. Built well the 200 rpm intakes can be lighting fast which was the goal for our bot.


I’m going with a flat 200 china intake. It’s a 36 tooth then 60 tooth then 36 tooth. Spacing fits just right as well

600rpm 6T sprockets cuz that’s all that’ll fit

now that’s pretty funny sounding lol. aren’t 6T sprockets prone to snapping chain?

I’ve heard that quite a bit but with a grand total of like 13 6T sprockets on our bot and no snapping incidents I think it’s safe so long the sprockets are lined up

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