What’s the v5 motor limit

I was just rewatching the NorCal wall bot, and i noticed that they have 10 motors, it even says at the end. Is that the new limit?

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Well VEXU is Unlimited but as far as I know it is 8 for MS and HS

There is a rule for that. Take a peak at < R17 > .

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The NorCal wall bot uses 8 motors, which is the current limit for MS and HS.

They used motor saving techniques like differentials to allow motors to be used for multiple purposes.

Edit: and ratchets


please include link to video you reference.

I believe he is talking about this video, the 2019 NorCal RI3D Vex Tower Takeover Reveal

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thanks - just useful to connect implementation to topic. So end of video says 10 motors for a robot … VRC MS/HS the limit is 8 for V5.

Good teams will figure out how to make it work with the constraints. I like the proof of concept, allows for good questions to be asked.

This particular robot used a differential, which is why their list suggests they used 10 motors. They actually only used 8, just some motors performed multiple functions


Norcal are good teams, which is why their robot worked within the constraints. They used motor sharing with a total of 8 motors.

When using v5 it is 8 motors without pneumatics and 6 motors with pneumatics. Rule R17 in Game Manual. https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/vrc-tower-takeover/GameManual-20190816.pdf

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I was checking where the confusion was. The reveal listed 10 separate motors - maybe the meant functionality. It was was the source of ambiguity the way the information was presented on the video.

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The reveal did mention 10 motors,and at the same time I’m pretty sure I also saw 10 motors, I don’t think that they legitally meant to use it for competition.

I believe (and I could be very wrong), that they were using motor-sharing. You would by convention list the # of motors for each function, and sometimes if two functions are achieved by one motor, you can end up with a result where it appears that you have more than 8 functional motors, when in reality they are being shared. If this is something that interests you, there’s a lot of posts already on the forums on how you can achieve this.

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@CarCar No, there are 8 motors, and while they did not use the robot for competition, they most certainly could have.

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