What score will be needed to make it to worlds

Mu team has been doing pretty well this year in our state but I’m not sure if we’ve been doing good enough. At our world qualifying event the top 3 duos go to worlds so do you guys thing getting scores like 106 will be good enough to qualify for worlds

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Probably. But I would aim for a bit higher

Ok, cause we’ve gotten higher scores but average about 106-110

Probably an average around 100, but I’m not sure what the exact number is.

What state are you in?

Are you talking combined autonomous & driver skills scores?

The state were in is utah

No, I’m just talking about normal teamwork

It’s impossible to know what score is needed, as anything can happen during the finals matches. But, you should plan on seeing higher scores than what had been posted in tournaments leading up to this from your state.

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