What SD cards are supported for the V5 Brain?

Which SD card is supported?

I’d assume any MICRO sd card. They all are the same size and shape.


yes but is there a max gb supported?
on https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-4810.html#Product_Specs
product details says expansion is limited to 16gb

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Then you have your answer


The V5 System supports 16 GB max of files, but I have found the V5 system able to recognize up to 128GB SD Cards(128 is my biggest SD Card I have). Basically, you can use any storage SD Card you want, but the V5 system will not recognize anything that is after 16GB.
TL;DR - the V5 System can recognize any size SD Card, but it’s ceiling that it can read/write is 16 GB. Anything after 16GB won’t be read

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There is no need for a tl;dr if the tl;dr is as long as the body of text


We set the spec at 16GB because, to be honest, we didn’t test anything above that. The V5 can only read and write to SD Cards formatted with the FAT32 file system, we have found a few “off brand” cards that don’t work and we don’t really know why.

Perhaps we can get a list of known good cards going in this topic, The two I have here on my desk are.

Kingston 4GB, 1415PX5044P
Sandisk 16GB, Extreme Pro,


Here’s the Micro SD Card I used for my V5 Brain:

I also took apart a 32GB iOS flash drive and the SD Card worked perfectly (Until I accidentally corrupted the card while I was opening the card on my PC, F):

I also got a 16GB Sandisk Ultra and it worked fine as well:

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