What sensor should I use for the auton shooting in Spin Up

Me and my team have been trying to make auton shooting, but we just can’t figure out what sensor to use. If anyone has their auton shooting done, and want to share how they did it please do.

what I recommend:

  • an inertial sensor is always a good start, it lets you see the angle your robot is facing, and can help your robot make accurate turns with a little bit of coding, and can help you line up to the goal more consistently.

  • if you are looking for something a bit more advanced, you can use odometry whether it is 2 wheel + IMU, 3 wheel, or using the GPS sensor (however the GPS sensor strips dont have to be installed on match fields, only skills fields). this is a lot more advanced than just an inertial sensor, and requires alot of programming knowledge, but can really be worth it if you spend time to perfect it.

what some other people recommend:

  • a vision sensor so your robot can see the goal and line up, i haven’t seen much success with the vision sensor, but others have.

  • ive seen some people talking about using distance sensors to triangulate their position on the field using math, but this way of doing stuff can easily be stopped if a sensor is aimed at a robot and not the field wall