What sensor should I use

I have every sensor which one should I use I want to use the color one because it looks the
easiest,but I don’t know got any suggestions.

That depends on what you want to do…

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Trying to make it go when it see’s a certain color/object

Then use the color or vision sensor

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Wow I forgot the vision sensor existed

It’s not legal for IQ Challenge though.

wait really I thought you could use it

It’s compatible with IQ but not legal. It’s specifically listed on the illegal parts appendix:

So any other sensors then

Mainly you’ll use the encoders in the motors, almost certainly a gyro to improve your turn accuracy. The colour sensor is better used in greyscale mode for alignment with the lines on the floor than it is for finding objects.

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Don’t use a sensor because it’s “easiest”. Base it on what you want to do, and how will a sensor help you.

Actually the color sensor is not an easy one. It is very sensitive to the lighting in the room. And you will have to deal with that otherwise your autonomous will be totally thrown off. If you build and test your robot based on fluorescent lighting but competition is more natural lighting, you will find that your robot won’t work as expected.

The scenario you listed of robot seeing a certain color/object is even harder. especially object. That now takes need to identify shape. Lots of filters. I don’t know how many teams in IQ have actually dealt with filters… very advanced stuff.

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Well when I mean that I mean color or outline I’m not using it for competition I did a similar one last year with a color sensor with hubs

OK, I think I know what you mean, but I think when you say outline that’s where you’re throwing me off. Outline would imply a shape, which the color sensor won’t do (EDR vision sensor may, but not an expert).

What you can do is assume shape based on the color. If it’s orange, it’s a ball. Blue, green, or red are cubes. This isn’t fool proof, because you have the platform support legs are green, too. And there are blue and red beams on the walls marking the scoring areas.

Again, watch out for lighting as mentioned before. That can throw things off… in certain lighting red can be read as orange, and vice versa.


That what I’m trying to do you read me perfectly

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