What sensors do you own?

What sensors do you own? Please do the poll. Post if you want!

all of the above, also - they are all great:)

i dont own the programing kit and the ultra sonic range finder yet but i think i am goingo to to get get them them

Of course. If vex makes it, it’s probably great!:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

So far just what cme with the starter kit.

those will get you bye for a while but after a while you will realize you need them

Of course, yes!

Other than the basic kit Limit and Bumper Switches, I have the Line Follower kit.

And the Programming kit…

I want to get more, but I will need to get them from e-bay or VexRobotics.

i think everyone has the bumper and limit switches

Go they count if we made them ourselves? i made my own light and optical

I made a light sensor too. I haven’t made a optical shaft encoder, how did you make that?

I think robots with lots of sensors look cluttered. I try to keep my robots simple and clutter free. While sometimes sensors are neccesary I have seen teams that just use sensors to use them and it looks messy and not overly thought out.

I am still hoping that someone at one of these scrimmages or exhibits uses the line tracking in autonomous. I have yet to see it in action personally.

Yea there are not many people using sensors in the autonomous mode. Our team does not use sensors because the robot has no need for any but some of the larger robots could benefit from sensors I think.

Our robot uses 3 bump switches and 2 optical shaft encoders during autonomous mode. We will likely be adding some line tracking sensors to it (between 3 and 5 probably), to track the white line.

Which team are you on and where are you from? I seem to remember a similar looking robot at the competition I went to.

What do you use the bumper sensors for during autonomous.