What should a state robot look like

Yo so my team has created a couple of good robots so far (2) going on 3 but are looking for some ideas. We already have a good cap intake, a good lift, yet we are getting stuck whether or not we should do puncher or flywheel or 4 motor drive train or 2 motor. Any help would be good. In case people were wondering we are using v5. (so far 333a has qualified for both state and create and would really like the communities support to help make worlds. If people have specific questions I would be hapy to help.

Our team is working on planning a V5 bot as well. Currently, we are planning on a 2 motor chassis, 4 motors for cap stuff (2 for a 4 bar lift, 1 for a spinner, 1 for a claw), 1 motor for intake, and 1 motor for a slip gear/puncher launcher.

Depending on how strong the lift is we might remove a motor from there, make the claw into a passive claw and add 2 motors to chassis.

Both of these use all 8 motors.

If I were you I would plan with a 2 motor chassis in mind, and then try to minimize motor use, and if you have 2 extra at the end you can put them on the chassis.

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I would suggest staying specialized, but if you’re dead set on having a shooter then I’d say to go with a puncher.

As suggested, I wouldn’t worry about adding a shooter. When everyone can only shoot, cap bots become more valuable. Beef up the drive train if possible, and practice scrimmage your heart out. Have someone play defense with a 12 motor Cortex base (locked omnis) if you can. Seems like it would be really helpful.

Ensure you can climb quickly. Maybe steal @meepmeepme 'a idea and add a robot to yo knock other robots off of the top platform. Don’t worry about adding too much. Get really good at what you can already do, and maybe improve a couple of things easily. You’ll be fine.

I would say a four motor drive is necessary. With the amount of fights you get into in this game you can’t put just enough power to drive the bot. You need some overkill to ensure you can hold your own against defense or a platform battle. That leaves four motors for other systems, and you can typically get a really good shooter or capper working with three, two if your using a double catapult. Most shooters put that last motor on a descoror to counter cap bots or even on their drive for extra strength, this can work for cap bots as well. Since your a cap bot you can even put a single shot shooter on to help win autonomous similar to 2496J. If you have two motors after you get your cap system done I would look into a double catapult. They can be made fairly small, only need two motors for the entire system. Now they are hard to aim and you only ever have one shot to hit your target, but for a dual purpose bot I think it’s a great option.

Thanks everyone for the input I was especially interested in the specialization tactics mentioned yet currently our auton is 9 point and without a shooter it would only be 4 if we didn’t have a shooter. I will think over and let u know

Our auton does all the middle flags a cap and alliance platform (we’re working on that last part) we can consistently hit 2 flags with one ball in our auton.

I’m confused. So you already have a shooter? Then don’t take it off. Just pick a thing to practice and get really good at it.

Four motor drive is necessary. Two motors for a shooter and intake. That leaves two for either a cap descorer or cap scoring device.

Did you say two flags with one ball @333A ??? How do you do that???

Ok we kinda got lucky but our rpms were just right from the back of the field it was kind of a miracle but yeah

I find prioritizing one scoring method to be the most consistent and provide the most speed and potential. A robot which distributes to more mechanisms will realize that they are watering out their scoring speeds on a specific scoring method. If a shooter-prioritized robot pairs with a cap-prioritized robot for eliminations, I will almost guarantee you they will be winning the tournament.

that’s very true but I’m really stuck on what to do with drive train. My coaches say do 4 motor but I think a 2motor flywheel+2motor lift+1motor indexer+1 motor cap intake+ 2 motor 6wheel drive

we could do 4 motor drive 1 motor punch, 1 index, 1 cap, 1 lift but a one motor lift is kind of trash (I think it’s unbalanced and jank

also the 2 flag one ball thing is consistent… @trontech569

with v5, im sure 1 motor is more than enough to power any lift reliably if you build it correctly. You should also be able to do only 1 motor for a flywheel with v5. I believe 4 motor drive is likely necessary, considering the demands of this game, especially regarding defense, and you need all the extra power you can get.

flywheel or pucher do

If you do a puncher, you can contribute one of those motors to the drive train, and you won’t need an indexer. That leaves a 4 motor drive.

Also, you could probably get away with a 1 motor lift (albeit slower) and do a passive cap intake to spare 2 motors for the drive.

a 2 motor drive has been shown to work pretty well, though.