What should I buy for my classroom?

I have been given an opportunity to set up a VEX robotics classroom at my school. I am new to VEX. What items should I purchase? I am planning on teaching 15-20 students.
-what tools should I purchase
-what kits
-storage ideas
-computer requisite

Thank you so much!


I don’t know too much about IQ so someone else can help more in terms of parts and tools. Here are links to the vex IQ stores, if that helps…

VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd generation) - VEX Robotics

With software you have some option, like VEXcode and Robot Mesh Studio. Which ever programming software you use you will need some sort of admin access on computers to install drivers to upload code.

Modkit for VEX


I would recommend buying a couple of super kits. If you are on a budget, you could get one kit for every 4 students. If you can stretch it a bit, 1 per 2 would be optimal. You do not need any extra tools for Vex IQ other than what comes in the kit for building the robot, but I would recommend picking up some extra kits for some more parts and electronics such as brains and motors. For storage, the boxes that the super kits come with work pretty well, but it you would like some more permanent storage there are some akro mills storage contains that you can check out on amazon. For your computer, pretty much anything works. As long as you have something that was made in the past 5 years, programming should be fine. For that if you guys are in an advanced class, you would probably want to use robotc which is a text code based of c. If you need something more basic, then modkit is a great option. It is a block programming based of scratch. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and welcome to the forum!


Thank you for the links.

This is great information. We’re not really on a budget. I’ve been given a lump sum to spend with the understanding that yearly expenses after that will be minimal - like registering for a competition and getting the supplies for the new competitions. So I am tasked with purchasing everything - robots kits, tools, storage, computers, etc. It really is a neat situation to be in, but as I am new to this, it is a bit stressful- I really don’t want to miss any key supplies.

For general robotics, one IQ Superkit per 2 students would be ideal to get started. If you’re planning to do competition as well, then get a “foundation add-on” for each team, and a “competition add-on” for every two teams. Buy 2 additional motors, 2 omni-wheels, and an extra battery for every team (The addon has 2 omni wheels and two motors). You’ll also want at least one superkit-worth of spare parts. Take a look at these organizers for storage:


This type of organizer helps ensure at the start of every season all teams have a complete superkit. Each team should have a computer, too. It doesn’t need to be real powerful for IQ, and a small chromebook will fit into the VEX tub with the above organizer, too. Various bin-rack, like the Akro-mills ones as mentioned earlier, are good for extra parts.


Modkit is obsolete. VexCode IQ Blocks has replaced it (VEXcode Overview - VEX Robotics). I would recommend either VexCode or Robot C (there’s a graphical and a text version) and both are free.

Oh ya. Ignore what I said about programming. I did IQ last year and this was what I remembered. I completely forgot about VexCode.

Thanks. If it is helpful - I am launching the classroom for Middle School students.

I like that there are graphical versions to use for coding. Some of my students may go on to text-based, but it is nice to have the comfort level that graphical programming offers.

Do you intend to do official competitions, or just in-class activities?
Either way, you should seriously consider buying one or more playing fields.


We are going to purchase one playing field. The challenge with 2 is finding the space.

Hi @cwhitney Here is an article to help you select a VEX IQ Kit (since you mentioned you were in Middle School) : https://help.vex.com/article/419-how-to-select-a-vex-iq-kit

For programming, I would get started with VEXcode IQ Blocks: VEXcode Blocks - VEX Robotics

For help with storage, this is the best solutions that I have seen: VEX Robotics Utility Rack from RackSolutions

If you have any more questions, please let me know. Thanks,


With 15 - 20 students I would highly recommend purchasing a second field. Early in the year you won’t need it but once all the robots are built and you are working on strategies and practicing driving, you’ll be glad to have it.


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but for 2020-21 the field size will expand from 4’x8’ to 6’x8’ so plan accordingly.

Clarification - we are going to use Vex V5.

We are getting new computers and I had the tech guys download VEXcode Blocks and VEXcode Text on them so I can differentiate with programming.

That is interesting input on getting a second field - hadn’t thought about it before now. The field will be in my science classroom which is large enough to hold one field - I have my LEGO Mindstorms table in the place where we will put the field. I may have room.

Thank you so much for all the input!

I just noticed that I posted on the IQ board.

My apologies.

If you guys are using Vex V5, then you probably don’t need to get a 2nd field. The VRC field is big enough that 4 teams can actively use it with little to no problem. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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Thank you so much! It definitely would be crowded with a second field.

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