What should I do with my sister

My Sister is only in Third grade but she wants to do Vex Iq. She knows how to build with Vex IQ but I think she should start with Vex go, Can you guys plz give me some advice to see what my parents should do with her

Just…let her do IQ? It certainly won’t hurt anything/one…?


I know that in 3rd grade vex go would be way too easy for me. I think the vex go product line severely under-estimates younger elementary students tbh, most can handle iq just fine.


introduce her to vrc so she can be op super early


My mom got me a superkit in second grade. I started by just building a claw bot. Then gradually made more complex robots and got more parts. I recommend making a team with a friend. 3rd grade is a great grade to get ahead for competing in IQ. Also, having an older brother who can help you out if you get stuck is awesome, so do it.


As long as she has a drive to do robotics she should be able to do iq just fine. I did LEGO technic stuff around the same age and it helps with getting into more advanced stuff like vrc which I got into in 6th grade. Little kids aren’t bad at engineering it’s mostly them being uninterested or not get a chance to do it.


We had an IQ team of second and third graders last year. Let her compete!


For third grade, IQ is better. I think Vex Go is aimed at a younger age group.

Alternatively, you could get her into VRC early, though she wont be able to compete for a few years.


My 2 sisters started IQ in 3rd Grade. I think that is bettter way to go


Whatever you do empower her. BTW title could use some context…

Maybe “Which VEX program is best for a 3rd grader” since her gender and her relationship to you doesn’t really matter in the context of your question.


Vex IQ should be fine for a 3rd grader, but it depends on the maturity level. They can build the standard hero bots, and Vex Code Blocks make programming very easy. The biggest challenge could be the needed dexterity with those pins, but an adult can always help with those.

My daughter competed last season as a 3rd grader and she enjoyed it!


Yeah FRC seems to be the best solution here.


I would start with IQ so she can get used to it and also learn more, then when old enough easy switch between IQ and VRC :slight_smile:

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Why not start her on Battlebots? :sweat_smile:


Note: This is based upon how I started getting into robotics
If I were to be honest, I think the best teaching skills is not by robotics within third grade as she probably doesnt know too much about how to build anything even structurally. That being said, I think Legos would be the way to go as it is easy to put together and take apart, and eventually she can get into Lego EV3. After she does EV3, then I think VEX IQ or VEX EDR would work well. As for VEX Go I can’t physically recommend something that hasn’t been released nor tested yet.

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I have a number of 3rd graders on teams and they do quite well. Since you are VEX savvy you’ll be able to teach her what she needs to do.

Recommendation is to buy pliers to help pulling pins. I’m a fan of the new VEXIQ pliers and of the Harbor Freight small bent nose pliers. (The bent nose give you some extra leverage).

Start with this years hero bot, it’s a good place to learn how things work.

Good luck!


My sister can build off even the Challenge this year. Me and my sister working on this robot.

Getting a green screen Soon so i do not have to show my whole house

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I recently brought over some extra parts and pieces for one of my rising fifth graders who is also a family friend. We went over and were playing with the Wii for a while, and then when I walked back to the robotics the younger sibling who is going into first grade had gotten a copy of the manual and had almost completed the VEX IQ drive base and had a look of world domination in their eyes.

So, I would say that it varies a lot from kid to kid, so if you think she’s up to it then go for it. If she gets really overwhelmed with it then you can back off for now. If she is interested and excited about building then she is probably in the right place.


Start with IQ. It will give you an early introduction and will allow her to compete at a higher level in middle school. I know that my first year i was really behind the competition because i had no building experience. so its better to start at a higher level young so you’ll be better prepared for future comptetions


Hey so I missed this in answering the question. VEX makes IQ versions of Battle Bots!! So that is clearly a possible path. For what its worth Michael’s the craft place has the Minotaur https://www.michaels.com/hexbug-vex-robotics-minotaur-battlebots/10566880.html
for a really great price. Battle away!!