What should I do?

I have two sets of gears on my flywheel and I have extra space on it so should I cut it to make it as small as I can or should I leave it? Why should I too?

Could you include a picture? It’s not completely clear what you’re talking about.

If you’re asking whether you should trim the shaft down, probably don’t if you don’t have to because you will almost certainly rebuild it by the end of the season.

You might try asking your mentor and showing it to him. Hmmmm…I wonder who that could be? :slight_smile:

Thank You! And I’m 7504M! Do you know who my mentor is? :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes that is what I was talking about Oliver!

uhhmmm the logo and team number should clue you in.

Thanks Mr.Bankston! :stuck_out_tongue: